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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Blessed Imbolc

It is unusually mild here in my neck of the woods. So it is entirely possible that I could see a sign of Spring's arrival, which is what Imbolc is all about. The snow is melting like mad and I see a lot of grass which is crazy for this region. But I myself am not crazy so I am not even going to go looking for a groundhog. We are sure to get massive cold and snow before this winter is over.

I am glad January is over. Never have I liked January (though I like the 13th because that is when our beloved son-in-law was born). Other than that, what is to like about January? It is usually cold, snowy, cloudy, a little depressing after the holidays. And what would possess anyone to make resolutions! Summer is very very far away, and the longings for porch life and fresh gardens are almost painful.

But it is Imbolc and there may not be physical signs; the Spirit of Spring warms the heart and mind.

Bright Blessings from Robin

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