Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Beautiful weekend! The bridal shower was fantastic.Many beautiful gifts from loving friends and family for our wedding couple. Beautiful weather and much laughter.So much fun.

Our beautiful bride-to-be
Our handsome groom-to-be (with a bubble shooter!)
And did I say the whole weekend was beautiful? It truly was!

Here is the iris in the garden that I have been anxiously awaiting. Glorious. Sorry, I can't remember its name.

jackamani clematis just opened

Gotta run....the garden calls!! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Internet Interruption

Thanks to some rather violent thunderstorms last night, I have been without internet for over 18 hours. Not just me, 50,000 others as well, but never mind them, I'm the one with a blog!!  LOL!!! So I'm finally up and running just 15 minutes ago, and what a relief!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, and my husband and I are leaving in the morning to drive to Saratoga Springs to visit our daughter. I will be attending Raethan's bridal shower (squeee!!); her fiance, my husband and a few other fellows will be traipsing off to do some sort of manly stuff while the women-folk make merry. We will return Monday sometime.

I am sending out thoughts of peace and love to those who have lost loved ones in the wars that our nation has been involved in, both past and current. This is not a time to discuss beliefs about war. This is a time to give special attention to those who died for our country. I have always liked a phrase I read a few years back:

Home of the Free, Because of the Brave

Please have a safe weekend. Blessings to you and yours.   Robin.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Evening settles in the yard, the sun withdraws from every corner. Now is the twilight time. Most of the wildbirds have found their nests and roosts, cozying down with their mates on leafy branches or hidey holes. The only natural sound right now are the robins calling to one another. Still too early in the season for the summer night symphony; those crickets, tree frogs, katydids and other night singers.

This is the first true, warm evening. A soft warmth drifts around the yard, as shadows form, darkness closing in. A cooling breeze glides by and the new, large green leaves rustle and shake. The pine trees hold their needles tightly while the tiny green pine cones inch a bit larger, growing unseen, minute by minute.

Clouds that were gilded gold, bronze, pink just minutes before fade slowly into the darkening sky. A sky that will soon be velvety in its black expanse. Perhaps there will be the twinkling scene above if the the clouds break apart, allowing a clear view. A glimpse of Moon would be a welcome sight.

Quietly and quickly, the night arrives. Time to close the day, whether it was good or bad. The morning will come soon enough. For now, the night is here to comfort, to settle, to calm, to restore, to inspire. Good evening becomes good night.

image credit

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In the Garden

The hummingbirds are back, hurray. But I am not going to say I will get a photo of one! These guys are super fast and so much fun to watch. Right now they are enjoying the lupines and the flowers on the blueberry bushes. Soon the honeysuckle will be blooming and that is a big draw for the hummers. We have a colorful hummingbird feeder up for them, and they please us by taking a sip or two.

Hummingbird feeder

The lupines have exploded into bloom
Raised beds await plants--rectangular bed is for the Wedding Garden

This iris progresses
William, the Garden Mascot
Fairy House

Clematis on the verge of blooming
Every day is a new wonder in the garden! If all goes well, we should have a lot of planting done in the next few days. What grows in your garden?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Should Be Cranky (but I'm not)

I should be cranky, because I received a wrong-number phone call at 1:00 am last night. Couldn't get back to sleep for a while. I'm not cranky because my husband is out of town, and I slept in this morning.

I should be cranky because my husband is out of town. I'm not cranky because I can spend the evenings quietly without sharing my laptop or watching some awful movie....and I can eat beets, brussel sprouts, chicken livers, asparagus. For a week, I don't mind (too much) that he is away.

I should be cranky because I haven't gotten much work done on the wedding has been too rainy to plant and the beds are weedy. I'm not cranky because my brother weeded all the beds yesterday, and I still have time to get things planted.

I should be cranky because I have been trying to get through a copy of the I Ching  and find that it is beyond my "ken". I'm not cranky because I have so many other wonderful books, and I will give the I Ching to my son (who gave it to me in the first place). I am okay with not being able to understand EVERYTHING.

I should be cranky that we have had such awful weather...but I'm could I be after all the terrible weather events lately, most recently the horrific tornado in Joplin MO. My little problems are paltry.

It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how things are in themselves.  The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.  ~Carl Jung

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Late Spring

Actually seeing growth now in the garden, even though the ground is still damp from soaking rains. Very little sunshine along with cool days has been the norm for the past few weeks. A lesson in patience. If Mother Nature wants to slow things down, who are we to argue and complain with Her.

Lupins beginning to bloom


Clematis beginning to climb

Iris beginning to bud

Blueberry bush beginning to show flowers
What pleasure there is to walk through the yard and observe the return of perennials after a long, harsh winter.  Imagining these hardy souls buried beneath many feet of snow who then rouse themselves to break away from that deep slumber to rise and climb towards sun and sky. I definitely see a metaphor there, don't you?

Sending out blessings for a wonderful, creative, happy week....maybe not so much rain, if possible.

And now for some squirrel acrobatics....a daily exercise (forgive the photos, taken through the window screen)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Excitement in the Garden

If you have followed me for any length of time, you should be aware that I am nuts about wild birds. I watch them, feed them, photograph, study them...I adore them. When a new bird shows up at my feeders, I am like a mad thing. Thrilled and elated are two words to describe my feelings. So yesterday (Saturday) was no exception. I was almost out of my mind with bliss when I spotted this fellow from my kitchen window.

Say hello to my new little friend, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak! Isn't he beautfiul?!! He was not shy at all, actually posing for me as I snapped away with my camera. (clicking on photos should make them bigger)

Here's my right profile

And my left profile

Look at my beautiful back

I look good eating, too
He stayed for about 15 minutes chowing down on a mix of safflower and sunflower chips, then was chased away by impatient sparrows. Quite a pretty bird, and I hope he comes back soon. Thankfully the world did not end, or I would not have gotten to see this super guy.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Poem for May

"Yes, I will spend the livelong day
With Nature in this month of May;
And sit beneath the trees, and share
My bread with birds whose homes are there;
While cows lie down to eat, and sheep
Stand to their necks in grass so deep;
While birds do sing with all their might,
As though they felt the earth in flight."

William Henry Davies, In May  

Friday, May 20, 2011

Four Fotos for Friday

Tiny blossoms on the new dogwood tree

Prolific flowering of forget-me-nots

Hostas under the weeping Japanese cherry tree

Welcome flag: a robin and red geraniums

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goings on around the Galaxy

Galactic gallivanting today because all kinds of interesting news items are calling for our attention.

Not this Milky Way, silly!

Our Home Galaxy (
First up, we start on our very own little planet, that "Third Rock from the Sun". So have you heard about this fellow who says the world is going to end on May 21st? His name is Harold Camping and through very mysterious calculations on his part from his own "interpretations" of the Bible, he has come up with the date for our Big Finale. Just so you aren't too worried, he has made this prediction before...many times. He keeps changing the date because of an error in his calculations.  To read an enlightening post on Camping's predictions, please click on this link to AmethJera's blog A Broom with a View

Now we move into Outer Space! The final launch of the shuttle Endeavor. Its mission days are just about over. How often in the past few years did we even know that there was a shuttle launch, or a mission? A lot of us have become rather blase about the shuttle space crafts. Space shuttle news is just so ho-hum. Far from the days when, as kids, we went running out into the streets at night to see the "Sputnik" passing by on its orbit, or "Skylab".  The thrill and mystery of the Space Program was so exciting. And now the last space shuttle mission is here and the news reported  the final docking of the Endeavor with the space station. Do you suppose everyone up there is saying things like: "This is the last time I will have breakfast in the shuttle"; "This is the last time we will change into our space suits in the shuttle." Maybe the next phase of the Space Program will stir up a little more excitement (that is, if it even gets off the ground.)

Finally, for today's post on Galaxy Happenings is this intriguing discovery by our wily and ever-alert Earth scientists. Large single planets have been found that appear to have no orbit, or a very large, "loose" orbit. They apparently just roam around the Milky Way with no purpose or plan. Like Jupiter, they are huge gaseous bodies (and no I am not talking about republicans!). Certainly they can't be along the lines of the "Death Star" (from the Star Wars trilogy). Imagine that: Are aliens disguising their deadly "mother ships" as innocuous free-wheeling planets? I feel a Hollywood production may be in the works. Humor aside, though, I think it is incredible that there are so many wonderful and amazing things to discover in our Universe. It is exciting and shows us that there is so much more to be learned.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
from "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wiccan Reads--The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane

"The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane" by Katherine Howe is a must-read book! Beautifully written, this book takes place in Massachusetts and travels back and forth from the 1990s to the late 17th century. Knowing the time and location you must know this concerns the Salem Witch Trials. Indeed it does, but in a new and fascinating treatment.

Connie is a Harvard grad student immersed in historical research involving Colonial America. With an advisor of questionable motivations encouraging her to seek out a "new primary source" for her research, Connie begins an intriguing study into the lives of the women accused of witchcraft during that bleak era in our history. Connie's hippie-trippie mother, who lives in Santa Fe because of the awesome vibes, requests Connie to return to the family home in Marblehead MA to clean up the centuries-old delapidated struture and place it on the market. Through several odd episodes in the house, Connie begins to see connections between the house and the history of a woman named Deliverance Dane who was accused of witchcraft so long ago in Salem.

Painting a picture of the old Salem in a rich, bold manner, the author of this novel has obviously done extensive research into the life and times of the people, notably of the women, of that age. There are a few harrowing scenes that bring into focus the reality and horror of living back in a time of fear, betrayal, superstition and religious intolerance. The technique the author employs to take us from current times into the past is done seamlessly without halting the story.

This book moves solidly and tensely through a series of events, building suspense and anticipation, feeding us hints of what is to come and making it impossible to set the book down.

You will see witchcraft in a different light, and also live through a heart-breaking episode that makes the past come alive in an all too-real way. I highly recommend this book, urging you to read it at your earliest convenience. It is a stunning work.

"The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane", published by Hyperion, New York NY copyright 2009 by Katherine Howe.

author's website

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Medley--Deploy the Bumbershoots

The merry month of May is not so merry. April showers bring May...showers! We are certainly not as bad off as the folks dealing with the Mississippi River. But the gardens are definitely a bit worse for wear here. The weeds are flourishing, bless their little roots!  The weekend was too soggy for yard work and my husband was bemoaning the fact that the golf course was a no-go. And today is no better, with rain in the forecast all week. At least it's not snow!

I survived the scary movie, barely. "Paranormal Activity 2" was spooky and disturbing. If you like "realistic"  ghost stories, this one is pretty good. Slow to start, but definitely picked up speed. I only made my husband stop it once for a short break to recover from one particular hideous scene. Give it a mean screening!

Scene From Paranormal Activity 2
 image credit

As we begin a new week, with all kinds of things to do, places to go, the Full Moon and sundry tasks I wanted to share something I am meditating on. Sometimes we get caught up in our mundane lives and our magickal lives don't receive the fullness of our attention. Has this happened to you? Too busy or otherwise occupied to cast a spell, write up a new ritual or just working within a magickal context. Sometimes feelings of inadequacy keeps us from working magick. For whatever reasons, there are times you think you just can't do it. I have been reading a book recommended by Aine over at The Deepest Well blog called "The Goodly Spell Book Olde Spells For Modern Problems" by Dixie Deerman and Steven Rasmussen (published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York NY, copyright 2005). In the chapter titled "Trust Your Magical Instincts" there is a wonderful paragraph that struck a chord with me. Maybe it will do the same for someone else.

"Trust yourself to be able to work magic.  If you ever feel inadequate to the task, banish the thought. Remind yourself that you have innate magical talents and myriad protective and spiritual instincts waiting to be tapped and sharpened."  (page 53, The Goodly Spell Book)

Keep this in mind, think about it and remember it. Don't doubt yourself. It's a goodly thing.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

We survived

It seems the outage is over...the great blogger outage. I am sure it could have been a lot worse and a lot longer. Anyhoo, it is good to have everyone back; and it appears we didn't lose posts, though I did lose some comments before I could publish them.

Plans for the weekend include garden "stuff", installing ceiling fans in the bedrooms, playing with dogs and watching the scary dvd "Paranormal Activity 2" (in the daylight only). The first Paranormal Activity movie freaked me out. So why watch the second one?  Because I am an idiot!!  LOL!

Have a super weekend!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Sometimes there is so much to write about, that I can't focus on anything to write about. Do you know what I mean? I have too many "irons in the fire" so to speak. My brain is cluttered right now, and sleeping at night is a problem because my mind is twirling with a hundred ideas.

I am in process at the moment of planning the flowers for my daughter's wedding, and literally, I get so many ideas, then forget them, then start over again. Sheesh! Definitely not panic time yet; I will have photos and plans soon to share.

Regular gardening plans too: just ordered the bulbs from my favorite dutch bulb company  These will be delivered in October for autumn planting. crocus in a lovely shade of blue, three different kinds of daffodils, and three kinds of allium.  The ground temperature here is slowly rising, so once the temperatures stay above 50 degrees F for at least two weeks, we can start getting plants into the ground. I can't wait to get the sweet peas, sunflowers, zinnias, delphiniums, marigolds, impatiens, and many more planted. Both seeds and starts. We also have broccolli, cauliflower, squashes, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, brussel sprouts to get planted. Whew!

I am still working on the Dreaded Craft Corner as well as organizing a place for spellwork. I have found shelves and little cupboards and boxes for storage for both craftwork and Craft Work. You know, crafty painting and decoupage and then Witchy spell casting and ritual. Crafts and The Craft. (craft) Craft)

Organization takes time and thought. To put something in one place, something else must be moved. A place for everything and everything in its place. There's clutter and then there is CLUTTER!!

Well I just need to And spend some time communing with my backyard wild life, the beautiful moon and the Goddess.  Things are so much easier and smoother when you stop twirling and take time to Stop.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunshiney Tuesday

So lovely to see the sun shining brightly in the garden. We have had a slow spring, in that it has been mostly cool, cloudy and rainy. Everyday I wait to feel that warm caressing air, and instead the chill in the breeze makes me scurry back in the house!

Raethan and I planted these forget-me-nots 6 springs ago, right after we moved into our house. We had a pack of seeds and sprinkled them around. Now these tiny blue flowers are springing up all over. Love them! The sun was a little bright, so I don't think you can see the true blue of the flower.

Wild Violet
This little violet is a volunteer, perhaps placed by the Fae to welcome the spring. In the house I grew up in, we had a small hillside in the backyard that was covered with these tiny sweet plants. I am very fond of them, and hope they will proliferate!

Tulips in our yard. Every fall, we plant about a dozen or so tulips. The winters are hard here, and most tulips last only one or two seasons. They are a delight while they last though. (and sometimes our little "friends" the squirrels, dig them up and move them around. You will find tulips in the oddest places!)

Five Trees waiting for planting

Crab Apple blossom
Our project for this spring is the planting of these five trees: Red Maple, Weeping Willow, Pink Dogwood and two Crab Apple trees. I will dedicate each tree for a special magickal application.

If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.
  ~Hal Borland