Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


No complaints about the weather here (it has been very hot for a couple of days...that is not a complaint, that is just a fact). I am not complaining because I know parts of this wide country received heavy snow over the last day or two. And I am done with snow. Am I not??!

Our little wild violets are in bloom, as are the forget-me-nots, one white tulip and one purple tulip and I see the beginnings of lots more green growth. The greening of the earth after the winter is a joy to see.

Speaking of green and colorful, here is a link to some fabulous works of art using all natural materials. I am in awe of the artist. Please enjoy.  mandala floral art

A quick hello to everyone. I have got to start taking photos again to share here. And I might try doing it with my new Smart phone. Whew! I am really feeling so techie these days!

Till next time. Hugs from Robin.

If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom. ~Terri Guillemets

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Beautiful Day

Gorgeous weather here today. Perfect blue sky, light breezes and a temperature of 70, with low humidity. Who could ask for more?  Happy Mother's Day to all the appropriate people!! Hugs.

SPLAT! That is what I did earlier this week while walking around Autumnwood. We have had some heavy rains lately and there are several muddy spots. Son Nick and I had gone out to spend some time on our property. I specifically wanted to see how the bulbs we planted last fall did over the long, harsh winter. We had planted a bunch by the front gate, on either side. None to be seen. What a disappointment. But lo, and behold, allow the eye to wander around other areas, and there were little clumps and patches of daffodils spread out hither and yon. I think we can guess that some wily squirrel(s) decided to dig up and re-bury the bulbs. Landscaping at its most natural!

Anyway, the splat arrives halfway through our explorations. Put my boot down in a muddy spot, sink a bit and then with a noisy ska-wish, my boot came off as I pulled my leg up. And yes, down I went, in a slow-motion fall, first to knees then slowly down the rest of the way. "Oooof!" Nick came running over and assisted me up, and then we laughed at the mud covering me all over the front. Then a stern lecture from Nick advising an acquisition of boots with laces that can be tied tightly on. And then he found me a walking stick.

Planning stages in the works for our attack on the property this summer. And for barbecues, and possibly an overnight campout. And bonfires.

I can't wait for our first ritual, summer solstice (Litha). Out on our property. It will be Super Natural!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

All is Well!!

Not wanting to jinx things too much, I have held off posting here. Silly and superstitious I know, but after what we have been through the last year and a half, not taking any chances.

So it is fair to say that my adorable husband is doing very well. Gaining weight, eating great, feeling great, pain is almost gone. Just needs to build his strength and soon he will be right as rain! All is definitely well (okay, gotta knock wood right here...knock.....knock!!)

How are you fantastic friends doing? I have missed your blogs. So much to catch up on, so I will start reading as much and as often as possible. If there is something big, or new, or exciting, or awful in your life, please email me. I know stuff has been happening outside my little world.  Update me, people okay?! And here is a hug or two, from me to you.

And the big news for me is I have been hornswoggled into upgrading to a Smart Phone....Can you believe that? Me the techno-phobe supreme. But so far, I have been managing not to screw up too badly..just muddle my way through. 

Be good, take care....and I will be back extremely soon!!  Robin.