Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Friday, March 29, 2013


When last I wrote here, my husband was headed to his second surgery and then to ICU.

The second surgery went so much better than the first!! He was in ICU for 6 days, and went up to a regular hospital room on Monday, March 25th. Even with a good surgery, he managed to have a few setbacks, but is finally, over the last couple of days, showing signs of good improvement.

He has been in the hospital since March 12th.

As for me, I am doing better now that he is getting better. It has been wearying in a way that is hard to describe. The days sort of melt into each other, with long hours sitting by him and being rather helpless, except for praying and holding a hand. We have kind of forgotten what a normal life is for the moment.

I thank you for the supportive comments and loving emails.

It will be great to get back to regular blogging, and visiting blogs, hopefully very soon.

Sending love and light to everyone! And great big hugs! Blessed be, Robin.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Tuesday evening, after a more than 3 hour surgery, my husband took up residence in the Intensive Care Unit. The doctors are extremely optimistic that this second surgery took care of the remaining problems caused by the first surgery.

He was on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma for about 18 hours.

His oxygen levels are a bit more steady, heart rate still a little high. Pain level still high.

The nurses got him out of bed today for a trip to the nearby chair. Then he did a little bit of physical therapy for his calves, and back to bed.

He may be going back to a regular hospital room on Friday, and maybe even starting a clear liquid diet.

I will admit that the last few days have been very frightening.

I think he is out of the woods.........

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Here We Go Again

Today, my husband is having another major surgery. Things have just not gone well with his recovery, and there is new inflammation and fluid. I have been advised he may be in Intensive Care (ICU) for a couple of days after surgery on a ventilator. His lungs have not been faring well.

Positive attitudes all the way around, and embracing all the healing light and energy that I know you are all sending.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello my friends. Not much news to report, as things have not improved much. Just wanted to pop in quickly to say hi, and to thank you for all the words of support, encouragement and love.

Hoping in the next couple of days to see some positive changes.

Take care and bright blessings. Robin.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Not much better today

Another rough day, and a couple of procedures. Good news is there is no infection.
His lungs were impacted by the  excess fluids in his stomach from the surgery, which therefore impacts his heart rate. He has more tubes and wires and cables then I have ever seen. So many machines blinking or beeping.
Pain levels still high even with the morphine.

He tries to smile in between the grimaces and groans and worries about me getting tired. His voice is so hoarse from the tube in his throat, but still tries to make a corny joke now and then.

Keeping fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Beginning last night, my husband began experiencing extreme difficulty in breathing and was in acute pain. His stomach was filling with fluid causing pressure on the lungs. A nasal-gastic tube was placed into his nose and down to the stomach to relieve the pressure and drain more fluid. They also changed up his pain meds. He did feel immediate relief in his breathing.

This afternoon, though his heart rate shot up and his oxygen level plummeted. Early this evening they began a series of tests; ekg, chest x-ray, CT scan and more blood work.

And his temperature shot up.

At this time, I am still waiting to hear results of these tests, as to what is causing these problems, and the treatment. He is very groggy with the morphine and other drugs. I can hope that he will sleep tonight as he is so exhausted.

Thank you for your prayers and healing thoughts.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hospital Hours

He made it through surgery safely.  3 hours of waiting to go into the OR. 4 hours of surgery, 2 and a half hours in recovery, then up to his room for the next week or more. The surgeon said there was a dangerous amount of infection & inflammation. Large incision and lots of pain medication. But at least this first part is over with.

The free hospital coffee in the OR waiting area is nasty stuff. Fortunately a coffee shop on the lobby level with delicious coffee and fresh-baked (not at the hospital) pastries, muffins, cookies. Definitely worth the walk and the money.

Long, long day. 

Monday, March 11, 2013


We did remember to leap ahead an hour, though, really, why do we do this??

The sky is beginning to fill with life and sound. Red wing blackbirds, grackles, returning geese. Along with longer light, these are promising signs of the season to come.

Have made it to book 6 of the Outlander series, spoiling my plan to read one book a month of the 7-book series. To be ready for Book 8, whenever it comes out at the end of this year. Unfortunately, I once again have become addicted to the tale of Scottish warriors, mysterious stone circles and 18th century Europe & the Colonies and the eve of the American Revolution (and really well-written fabulous sex scenes; ooh, did I write that?!). I do love these books.

Tuesday March 12th is my husband's surgery and it can't come soon enough. He has been most unwell this past week; it's been a rough time for us all.

I am thinking about Ostara next week. We Wiccan/Pagans celebrate the Spring Equinox with vigor. Time to renew, refresh and plan for the Warmth and Light of this spoke of the Wheel of the Year.

Wish us luck tomorrow at the hospital. I will let you all know how my dear fellow fares.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Been a bit of a hermit the last few days. Not on the computer, but for a few minutes here and there. My husband has been feeling poorly and trying to hang on until Tuesday March 12th for his surgery. It's hard to watch a loved one in so much discomfort. But soon that will all be taken care of!

It was sunny and up to 35 degrees F today which made Spring seem very real and close. That Spring feeling can be almost overwhelming, but keeping feet firmly on the ground as we are sure to have more winter. Still, the giddiness of it was pleasant.

I have been re-reading my beloved book series by Diana Gabaldon. Book One is called Outlander and there are currently 7 books total in the series. They are all hefty tomes and so compelling that once I begin a book, I am engrossed for hours. An Englishwoman in 1945 accidentally steps through mysterious stones in Scotland and ends up in the 18th century.  She meets a Scottish Highlander and thus begins the most intriguing, breath-taking, romantic, thrilling saga I have ever read. The characters are brought to vivid life amidst the surroundings of battles, hardship, betrayal and a time-spanning love of mythic proportions. Wow, does that sound too purple-prosed?  The eighth and possibly final book will be coming out sometime later this year. I have been waiting for over three years since Book 7 came out. So I am re-reading the entire series to be fully refreshed in the events and characters. It is a labor of love. (most of the books are over a 1,000 pages each.)

All for now, but back very soon! Bright blessings.

Friday, March 1, 2013


"I wonder if the sap is stirring yet,
If wintry birds are dreaming of a mate,
If frozen snowdrops feel as yet the sun
And crocus fires are kindling one by one:
Sing robin, sing:
I still am sore in doubt concerning Spring."
-  Christina Rossetti 

Let's everyone give a cheer that the month of March is here! It is snowing right now, but I don't care as much now that March has arrived, and the Spring Equinox is within our grasp!!

 The last three or four mornings I have been awakened by the chatter of sparrows near the window. A most cheerful sound.  There is still winter all around us, but that bit of excitement of Spring's arrival is beginning to stir a bit. Don't listen to weather forecasts!! 

And try not to be in doubt concerning Spring! 

Robin in wintry maple tree in our yard two years ago in March