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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wiccan Reads--The Legend of Eli Monpress

Actually the post title should be: Wiccan Readings, as I have just started this book by Rachel Aaron. The Legend of Eli Monpress is a volume comprising three novels; "The Spirit Thief", "The Spirit Rebellion" and "The Spirit Eater". The main character, Eli Monpress is a thief and a wizard. The back cover states that this is "a tale of high adventure, romance and larceny."  It looks to be a fun read. I wanted to share a line from the book which immediately convinced me to jump into the pages.:

From Chapter 1, first page: (Eli Monpress is trying to wake up a door, a heavy oak door with an iron frame)

     "He ran his hands over it, long fingers gently tapping in a way living trees find desperately annoying, but dead wood finds soothing, like a scratch behind the ears. At last, the boards gave a little shudder and said, in a dusty, splintery voice, "What do you want?"

I absolutely loved the whimsy and wonder of these two sentences and knew I had to read on. I will let you know how it's going when I finish the first book in this collection.

The Legend of Eli Monpress  by Rachel Aaron, published by Orbit, Hachette Book Group, 237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017.  Compilation Copyright 2012 by Rachel Aaron.

As to another book series that I read in 2011, Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, the second season of the HBO production of the books begins Sunday, April 1st at 9:00 pm (edt). Set those recorders now.

Always looking for new fiction books and authors, predominantly in the magickal, fantastical realm, Arthurian, witchy themes and ghostly subjects. I read a lot of non-fiction too, dealing with Wicca, Witchcraft and magickal practices. If you have recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Updates, News and a Secret

Despite the fact that a sudden hard freeze here in central New York killed off the blooming daffodils and the beautiful flowers of our weeping cherry tree, if feels more "normal" than all those crazy warm temperatures earlier in the month. Snow has been in the forecast for the last couple of days, none of which has appeared. Mother Nature seems to be having a bit of a chuckle at our expense!

Family Updates: My husband is much improved and has been given the "okay" to return to work  this coming Monday! Such good news!! My brother continues along about the same.

Movie Recommendation: With the hubby home, there has been a lot of movie-watching.  He has a tendency to watch any old thing, bad thing, stupid thing.....well, anyhoo; the one we both enjoyed was Dream House
(trailer here)  A ghost story starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts.Creepy atmosphere and a unique tale. Really liked it, give it a try.

Doggy News:  I forgot to wish our little girl Gwennie a happy birthday, how remiss of me! She turned 9 on March 23rd. For 9 years old, she is quite the bouncy, bright-eyed little thing. We adopted her almost 8 years ago and it has been a love story ever since. She came to us with a lot of problems, but time and care has transformed her. (she's a Sheltie--Shetland Sheepdog).

Gwennie, she is such a good girl

Wiccan News: One month from today, the celebration of Beltane occurs. This is a fabulous sabbat. More on this as we draw closer. As I say about all the sabbats, this is my favorite one!

A witchy welcome to some new followers, I am so glad you visit my blog! I have a secret. And it has something to do with a giveaway. Hush, now. It's still a secret.

Bright Blessings to all.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday--At the Cafe

Number 8 on my Spring-To-Do List (checked off)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring To-Do List

You all know I love my lists. So here is another one. Motto for the season: Just Do It!!

1.  Spring cleaning and witchy house cleansing. (Get to use the new/old besom (broom) I found at an antiques store)

2. Remember to get daily recommended dose of drumming and/or chanting.

3. Get into the Craft Corner and start crafting.

4. Spring yard work, garden clean up, clean containers, get pansies as SOON as they show up at the garden center.

5. Plan the summer garden:  what veggies? which herbs? how many perennials?

6. Get the Moon Garden in shape and plant ivy around the outdoor altar.

7. Plan the Full Moon esbat...prepare outdoor fireplace.

8. Go to favorite book store for some serious perusing, a cafe mocha and maybe even a decadent sweet treat.

I think I will stop here, thank the Goddess for the inspiration and possibly do Number 8 on the list first.

What's on your Spring to-do list??

Friday, March 23, 2012

Norway Has Troll Problems!

A while back, a few months or more, my friend Jeanne, over at the delightful Candy Corn Chronicles blog
talked about a movie and posted the trailer. The movie was called "The Troll Hunter", a Norwegian production. The trailer was captivating and I knew I wanted to see this movie.(click here to watch trailer).  Well, fast forward to present day and frankly I had completely forgotten about The Troll Hunter.  But then, guess what? Browsing through the cable channels the other night, lo, and behold, there it was. So I set the movie to record on the good old DVR, and the next night, my hubby and I sat down to watch.

Filmed in the way that is all the rage these days: the handheld camera following all the action. Not as blurry or bouncy as some films using this technique (think "Blair Witch), the story follows young college students after a "big story". They talk their way into collaborating with a fellow they think is a  poacher who illegally hunts bears. After a crazy encounter in the middle of the night, in the middle of Norwegian woods (hey, the Beatles had a song called Norwegian Wood...oops, sorry I got distracted) with a monstrous creature, the game is definitely afoot.

Filmed entirely in Norway, with magnificent vistas and views of mountains, valleys, mysterious forests, this really is an entertaining movie. A few slow parts, but not enough to dissuade one from continuing on. There are a few scary moments, for sure.  Some humor and definitely running and screaming.  Don't be put off by subtitles, it is fun to listen to the Norwegian dialogue.

Will you believe in Trolls after watching this flick? 

I will tell you this....I have absolutely no plans whatsoever of ever, ever going to Norway!

Thanks, Jeanne, for the recommendation. (This movie is currently on cable, is available through Netflix here in the US, and most likely available on DVD just about anywhere.)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dark Night

In my Wiccan practice, I keep track of Moon phases. It is a benefit to spellwork and other magickal practices to be aware of the Moon and her phases. Waxing moon, waning moon, new moon, full moon. Each of these stages of growth or diminishing are significant for the particular Energy one needs in regards to the intent of your Work.

Last night, the Moon was recorded as being "0% full". This information is helpful if you have a very cloudy night, or have not been paying attention to the Moon over the last few days (though how a Witch could not be aware of the Moon is hard to imagine....unless there is just a lot of chaos going on in one's life.....anyhoo!)

I call this phase "Dark Night". There are times I have no need to make use of this particular phase. Many people who practice the Craft do not do any spell work at this time feeling there is a void of energy. It really depends on your own personal path and how you use the Moon's energy. There is no One right, not wrong. It is up to the Witch to decide.

I chose last night as a time to begin a month-long Spell Working. I prefer not to go into specifics, as I usually don't discuss my actual Spells. I stated my Intent, and began a literal working by disposing of some items that I feel have had a negative impact in my home. It happened to be "garbage eve", the night before the trash collectors come, so what better opportunity then to whisk away some things.

This Dark Night Working enabled me to start the spell off with a flourish, both physically and mentally. The New Moon begins a time of drawing good energies to us. I will be busy gathering, writing, creating, singing, drumming  and much more during this Waxing phase, so by the time the Full Moon phase arrives the Spell will be at its maximum power, so to speak.

image source
O radiant Dark!  O darkly fostered ray!
Thou hast a joy too deep for shallow Day.
~George Eliot, The Spanish Gypsy

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Look What I Found Today

Our Weeping Willow Made it through the winter and is sporting fresh green growth

Some daffydowndillies are cheerfully dancing in the breeze

The crabapple is sprouting

Ubiquitous crocus dotting the front yard

A short stroll today around the front yard. Lots to do in the garden areas. Normally this work wouldn't start till mid-April. Think I need to sweet-talk son Nicarus into some "great ways to work out in the fresh air".....think it will work?

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blessed Ostara--Happy Spring

Vernal Equinox!! First Day of Spring!! The Wiccan Sabbat of Ostara!!

Throw open the windows, let in the Light, breathe in the freshness of the air! Be joyful and at peace!

image source 

Signs of Spring are popping up everywhere

image source 

Gather the cares from Winter and offer them to the Spring breeze.
Celebrate the return of Light and New Life

image source

May the Blessings of Ostara shower you with the Energy of Spring

Blessed Be!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Farewell, Winter

Am I tempting fate by saying "farewell" to this Winter season? The first day of Spring is just 48 hours away, so technically it is FINE!

Here is a very short video of someone who will be happy that Winter will be over. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Whether you are Irish or not, today is the day to wear all the green you can, dine on corned beef and cabbage with a side of Irish soda bread, and don't be forgettin' the drinkin' of the Green Beer!

Happy St. Patrick's Day and May the Road Rise Up to Meet You!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Quaking Sheltie, Wagging Lexie

4:45 am Friday morning. I am awakened by the sensation of a heavy weight on my head. A small Sheltie is pressing her shaking body against me, trying to get as close as possible, on top of my pillow, snagging my hair in her paws. Immediately I am aware of lightning and thunder. Most likely I would have slept through this first storm of the season, but for the presence of our Gwennie, who has a mortal fear of thunderstorms (and fireworks, any sudden loud noise, really).

Then our big girl, Lexie comes into the bedroom, and wakes up my husband. Lexie is the gleeful, joyful early morning riser, dying to say hello to her main fella. Gwennie's shaking and Lexie's big old tail slamming the bed as she wags every part, interspersed with claps of thunder, creates a less than peaceful ability to return to sleep.

So we all got up. Unfortunately, Lexie's skills do not include coffee making or newspaper fetching.

Gwennie heads down to the family room, where there is a small bathroom, and curls herself into a tight corner. She will remain there until all signs of storminess have disappeared.

Meanwhile, Lexie gallumps outside facing down the storm for a brief few minutes. Immediately upon re-entry she is slamming that tail all around as she waits for that most Precious Dog Biscuit Which Is the Most Important Thing in the Whole Wide World I Must Have It Now. The thumping of the "Lashing Tail of Death", as I refer to it, has awakened the canary who begins flapping all over the cage. Disturbed too early from his sleep, Ringo the canary, grumpily twitters and glowers at us, scoots back up to his little bedroom in the corner of his cage, turns his back on us, and returns to his slumbers.

And so the day begins, more or less. Just now the outside birds are beginning their morning chorus, even through the rain, and flashing of lightning.  The coffee is brewing and sending a cheerful aroma throughout the house. My husband is able to walk down to the mailbox to get our newspaper. (He is feeling lots better, by the way).

We will enjoy the "peace" of this early morning, sipping coffee, reading the paper and soon the sky will begin to brighten. Good morning.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wiccan Musings

Greetings, wonderful people. Thanks so very much for all the words of encouragement and support, and good advice your wrote to my last post. I have taken my brother to the hospital twice more since that post. Another surgery this coming Monday. My brother is definitely being put "through the wringer" as the saying goes. Hopefully things will settle down for a while and he can have a break from all this. He comforts himself with his favorite genre, Westerns, on cable. We are all "soldiering" through; that's all one can do.

Now that the reality of "life as we know it" has set in, the trick is to find a balance of some kind. My main task at this time is as caregiver. But I also have other family members, a home to care for (and believe me, it needs some caring for right now!) and all the other aspects of daily life that are not getting attention, some of which can slide for a while, others not so much. (I do want to say at this time, that the day I was bringing my brother home from surgery, and I had to watch my husband walk into the Emergency Room by himself when he was so dreadfully sick, was one of the most difficult times I have had in recent memory.) Talk about an emotional wringer. Look, I just sat with my mother 6 weeks ago and watched her pass through the Veil.

What kind of balance can I find? Trying the best to keep my Wiccan ways at the forefront, remaining steadfast in my commitment to the God and to the Goddess. But truly? My magickal life has suffered greatly. Daily practice is impossible, not even time for meditation, or a simple candle spell.

Shall I serve some cheese with this WHINE?

I know things will fall into place soon. The sabbat of Ostara next week is very important to me this year. New beginnings, fresh start, the growing season upon...growing not just plants for sure this year. But growing strength and hope and Balance. After all that is what the equinox is about.

So here's Bright Blessings for all one can hope for. Looking very much forward to a beautiful Spring for everyone.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Remain Calm and Carry On

The good news is that my darling husband did not require surgery. He spent four days in the hospital and is now on the mend, though he still has a ways to go to recover from this very odd event. A follow-up visit this week with the gastro-intestinal doctor will hopefully give us a better idea of what went wrong and how to care for the problem of diverticulitis. We were very lucky, as left untreated he could have had a very serious, if not fatal, situation.

As for my brother, we needed to go to the Emergency Room on Friday night due to complications of his kidney catheters. After this latest incident, it is now very apparent to me that we will be dealing with this kind of thing for a long time to come. He has a serious kidney disease, as well as heart disease. Recovery from two strokes in October has been slow, with some effects pretty much permanent.

Learning to be a full-time caregiver was not a role I expected. It has changed everything in so many ways. I am now known as "the sister" at all the various doctors and hospitals. No one remembers my name. But it is what it is and for whatever reason this happened, I am doing the best I can.

Spring is coming, the birds are filling the skies and trees. Waking up to birdsong this morning was a delight. Of course I completely forgot about setting the clocks ahead this weekend. And I caught a bad head cold, too! So hey, what can you do?  Just follow the Queen's advice as stated in this post's title.

Monday, March 5, 2012

So This is What Happened

Frigid icy air this morning, 15 degrees F with a steady wind and snow falling. Son Nicarus drove my brother and me to the hospital for brother's procedure. The doctor was unable to place the stents into the kidneys, so now Jimmy (brother) has catheters coming out of his back, from each kidney. It is not pleasant, and these things will be in for a while. I shall spare you all the details. But home nurses will be coming to visit for the interim to make sure all is well.

Meanwhile, my husband has been having terrible stomach pains and goes to his doctor today. After a CT scan he is promptly sent to the Emergency Room. So he drives his car to the hospital where Jimmy and I are; he goes to the Emergency Room and I need to get Jimmy home. (Nicarus had my car, as this was his first day of training on the job he just started Friday.)

By 8:00 pm this evening, my husband was admitted to the hospital and will have surgery in the morning for an abscess on his colon.

Certainly this is a new wrench in the ever-hobbling wheel of my life. Uh, Waiter?  Check, please!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Sampler

Quite a few blogs are talking about signs of spring---with photos to prove it. I wish I could, but no such sign here. In fact, as I type on this Sunday morning, the view out my kitchen window is of a blizzard-like snow fall. My spring photos will have to wait a while longer.

As you will have no doubt noticed, my blog has gone green. Very shamrock green, in fact. Of course this is to celebrate the happy St. Patrick's day observance coming up soon. I am not Irish. (Actually, I am Scottish-French) But I love pretending to be Irish during the month of March. And I adore Irish music. I have many cd's of Celtic music. A few years ago we went to see a live performance of  RiverDance 

Speaking of RiverDance here's a very quick video of a truly fine Irish dancer:  River Dance Dog
(make sure your volume is turned up) NOTE:  You will need to scroll down past two videos.

Bright and early tomorrow morning (monday 3/5) I am taking my brother to the hospital once again for a procedure to place stents in his kidneys. The first attempt last week was unsuccessful. This time it is being done by a team at the Interventional Radiology department. Fingers crossed for success.

It is difficult to focus on much else, besides what has been going on with my brother. Needless to say, I haven't had a chance to delve into all the magickal workings I have wanted to. I am hoping to do some posts for Ostara (Spring Equinox sabbat) coming up. If I get to decorate the house, I will take some pictures with Elphie (camera). Poor Elphie has not been put to much use.

Sending out loving energy to those devastated by the horrific tornadoes these last few days. Heart breaking.

Blessed be. Have a great day!~