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Friday, March 30, 2012

Updates, News and a Secret

Despite the fact that a sudden hard freeze here in central New York killed off the blooming daffodils and the beautiful flowers of our weeping cherry tree, if feels more "normal" than all those crazy warm temperatures earlier in the month. Snow has been in the forecast for the last couple of days, none of which has appeared. Mother Nature seems to be having a bit of a chuckle at our expense!

Family Updates: My husband is much improved and has been given the "okay" to return to work  this coming Monday! Such good news!! My brother continues along about the same.

Movie Recommendation: With the hubby home, there has been a lot of movie-watching.  He has a tendency to watch any old thing, bad thing, stupid thing.....well, anyhoo; the one we both enjoyed was Dream House
(trailer here)  A ghost story starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts.Creepy atmosphere and a unique tale. Really liked it, give it a try.

Doggy News:  I forgot to wish our little girl Gwennie a happy birthday, how remiss of me! She turned 9 on March 23rd. For 9 years old, she is quite the bouncy, bright-eyed little thing. We adopted her almost 8 years ago and it has been a love story ever since. She came to us with a lot of problems, but time and care has transformed her. (she's a Sheltie--Shetland Sheepdog).

Gwennie, she is such a good girl

Wiccan News: One month from today, the celebration of Beltane occurs. This is a fabulous sabbat. More on this as we draw closer. As I say about all the sabbats, this is my favorite one!

A witchy welcome to some new followers, I am so glad you visit my blog! I have a secret. And it has something to do with a giveaway. Hush, now. It's still a secret.

Bright Blessings to all.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Robin!!! Wow! That movie looks way to creepy for me :)

It's good to hear your hubby is better.

I just love your little dog...Happy Birthday!!!

Everyone loves surprises, Robin!!!


mxtodis123 said...

Happy birthday, Gwennie. What a beauty you are...then, of course, you and I were born on the same day. LOL!!! Glad hubby will be returning to work. Wish mine would find something. Have a happy weekend.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Greetings Robin...
I thought I'd pop my head in and say hello since I've been following your blog for a bit now, and am enjoying what I read here.
Good to hear your hubby is doing better and going back to work and that your brother is hanging in there.
I too love Beltaine and much like you, say that about all the Sabbats, lol. How can we help it? :)
Your Gwennie is gorgeous, but I have a childhood love of collies.
Mine was my oldest Aunties beauty named how I loved that dog!'s wishing for you a delightful weekend and much peace.
Radiant Blessings To You! :)

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Happy Birthday, Gwennie! I adore Sheltie dogs! They are super smart, easy to train worker dogs and just simply gorgeous!

Next to Bassett Hounds, I would definately choose a Sheltie!



Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, this movie looks really good! Thank you ;o) We are getting snow tonight into tomorrow too ;o) So happy about your hubby ;o) Yeh! You have to get him some of the pumpkin cheesecake ;o) I'm sending your brother a big hug ;o)
Happy Birthday Gwennie ;o) What a cutie she is ;o)
Giveaway?? I am good a secrets ;o) Shhhhh..don't say nothing ;o)

Just Me said...

My fiancé and I watched dream house the other night, I really liked it!

Topper said...

Glad to hear things are progressing. Its a little sad the flowering things were killed by the cold. The Azalia's are in blossom here, as are dogwood's, and a number of other plants. a bit early, but welcome. I won't be watching the movie, the trailer was quite enough! Yes Im a chicken

Robin Larkspur said...

Hi Just Me! it was a good movie, wasn't it; we liked how the plot was different (don't want to say any spoilers!)

Thanks AkasaWolfSong for your very kind comments!

Kim, I think basset hounds have the sweetest personalities!

Jan, it is a little creepy, which is why I don't watch scary movies by myself!

Mary, you ARE a beautiful lady, and I'm sending energy towards you and your hubby for all good things!

Stacy, you know what: My husband does not like pumpkin, cn you believe it??!!

Robin Larkspur said...

Topper, I'm thinking about how beautiful the spring is in Virginia, especially the dogwoods and azalea! Hope the trailer didn't scare you too much!

Anonymous said...

Not a film for me I'm afraid :-) This trailer was enough to scare me :-) :-) :-)

Snowfall here today but now it looks as if the sun will return and melt it down thankfully!

I'm glad to read about the improvement on Your husband :-) My son is back home again and is doing fine :-)

Happy Birthday to Gwennie :-) My boys will be nine in September and Nova will be three in September as well :-)

Have a great day!

Aine said...

So glad to hear about your hubby's recovery! Thank you for the movie recommendation - I like scary (not gory) movies.

I'm also a little happier with seasonal weather. We have a long summer here (a really nice warm Fall) so if it starts early, well - is there any such thing as too much summer? I think maybe there is.

Jeanne said...

So glad to hear Hubby is almost back to normal. :0)
And what a shame about all the beautiful blooms! :0( Strange weather everywhere this winter. I do hope Spring brings back into the normal flow (whatever that might be!).
I remember when that movie came out & seeing the trailers on TV. Not sure I could sit through it....
A happy belated birthday to a very sweet puppy! Give a scratch behind the ear for me. :0)