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Friday, March 16, 2012

Quaking Sheltie, Wagging Lexie

4:45 am Friday morning. I am awakened by the sensation of a heavy weight on my head. A small Sheltie is pressing her shaking body against me, trying to get as close as possible, on top of my pillow, snagging my hair in her paws. Immediately I am aware of lightning and thunder. Most likely I would have slept through this first storm of the season, but for the presence of our Gwennie, who has a mortal fear of thunderstorms (and fireworks, any sudden loud noise, really).

Then our big girl, Lexie comes into the bedroom, and wakes up my husband. Lexie is the gleeful, joyful early morning riser, dying to say hello to her main fella. Gwennie's shaking and Lexie's big old tail slamming the bed as she wags every part, interspersed with claps of thunder, creates a less than peaceful ability to return to sleep.

So we all got up. Unfortunately, Lexie's skills do not include coffee making or newspaper fetching.

Gwennie heads down to the family room, where there is a small bathroom, and curls herself into a tight corner. She will remain there until all signs of storminess have disappeared.

Meanwhile, Lexie gallumps outside facing down the storm for a brief few minutes. Immediately upon re-entry she is slamming that tail all around as she waits for that most Precious Dog Biscuit Which Is the Most Important Thing in the Whole Wide World I Must Have It Now. The thumping of the "Lashing Tail of Death", as I refer to it, has awakened the canary who begins flapping all over the cage. Disturbed too early from his sleep, Ringo the canary, grumpily twitters and glowers at us, scoots back up to his little bedroom in the corner of his cage, turns his back on us, and returns to his slumbers.

And so the day begins, more or less. Just now the outside birds are beginning their morning chorus, even through the rain, and flashing of lightning.  The coffee is brewing and sending a cheerful aroma throughout the house. My husband is able to walk down to the mailbox to get our newspaper. (He is feeling lots better, by the way).

We will enjoy the "peace" of this early morning, sipping coffee, reading the paper and soon the sky will begin to brighten. Good morning.


Aine said...

Time to get up, like it or not!! LOL

I had a beloved dog once who also was so afraid of thunder but even more afraid of fireworks, so every July 1 he spent the day and night in the bathtub (where he went when he was scared.)

One year we were on a lakeside vacation on the 4th and he was outside with us, no tub available, so when the kids lit firecrackers, he jumped into a row boat that was tied up at the dock. :)

So glad your hubby is feeling better!

Ashling said...

Ugh. Thank Goddess we love these critters....

Danni said...

What a way to wake up! Good morning, Robin, hope the coffee was wonderful and so glad your husband is feeling better!

Jeanne said...

And the Day has begun.....
I love mornings! Everything is so fresh and ready to meet the oncoming day - birds singing, dew sparkling on the grass, and the smell of fresh perked coffee! :0)
Glad to hear Hubby is better. :0)

Anonymous said...

I know that tail :-) Over here its Hector that brings down anything in reach of his tail in the mornings :-)

Orvar doesn't care about anything but Hector does get worried about fireworks and during hunting season, gun shots. But he really doesn't care much about thunderstorms. Nova doesn't react that much about much either thankfully :-)

Have a great day!

Magic Love Crow said...

Good Morning ;o) Aren't these animals lucky, we love them, no matter what ;o) So happy to hear that your hubby is feeling better ;o)

Lili said...

That was a cute little snippet of your morning. And I just wanted to cuddle with little sweet and precious if only we had a way to let them know everything will be all right. Good to hear your husband is mending nicely. ~Lili

Sarah P. said...

Have you tried a Thundershirt?

They're a lifesaver for us! Our dog used to get so scared she'd get sick. Now she can sleep through mild storms, and is only a bit shaky during big ones. They're really awesome!