Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Friday, October 31, 2014


Blessed Samhain (pronounced sowen). To all my pagan and witchy friends tonight is such a special night. May your bonfires burn bright, your cauldrons smell of delicious things and may your Circles keep you safe. If you Honor the Ancestors, may only peace and truth embrace you.

And Happy Halloween to everyone.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Warning from Rotten Darkspur

Grievings Humans. Rotten Darkspur here after a long long break. The Wiccan is out getting candy for the little brats er, human kids that will be ringing the door bell tomorrow.  Eeeesh, I can't stand all this Halloween fol-do-ral. And I can't stand CUTE. So I will be hangin' out at one of my special places away from all these human goings-on!

Where does an Imp from the Unseen World hang out when he's crossed through the Veil during this time of year? Wouldn't you like to know!! Okay, okay don't get your knickers in a twist.

My number one place, of course, is graveyards. The older the better. Where the grave stones are falling down and you can't make out the names and weeds and slimy bugs are crawling all over. That's "heaven" to me, hehehe. Sometimes on very dark nights when that dreaded moonlight isn't shining down on the graves, you can hear the dead talking and see them walking. They don't cast shadows and there footsteps make no sounds. Some of them float. I like to follow them and try poking sticks through their so called gossamer garments. Yeah, I know that is not very nice, but come on, I'm an Imp, and that's my thing you know, being mean and nasty. The ghosts don't care.  They float and flutter around, sometimes moaning, sometimes laughing. After a while it does get kinda boring.

When things get boring around a graveyard, I like to head out to the deepest part of the woods. Deepest, darkest and spookiest. Strange things are out there at the dark of the moon. Strange noises. Strange shadows. Yeah, shadows when there is no moon. Sometimes even I get spooked. Lots of things pass over from the Unseen World, and not all of them are as NICE as I am. Keep yourself protected with charms and magick words is what I am telling you.

Now that I have given you the creeps, my job is done. I gotta get outta here before the Wiccan gets back. Just wanted to give you a little scare on the night before Samhain. Beware the things that walk after dark, and carry a really big flashlight.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Orange You Glad it's Almost Halloween?

The only time I enjoy the color orange is in the Autumn. (don't tell my husband because he is a huge Syracuse Orange fan!)

But what glorious shades of orange there are in the fall. We have had a vibrant autumn show which makes driving here and there so pleasant.  Along with shades of russet, bronze, copper, gold, deep red and all the other shades in between the scenery has been awe-inspiring.

Most of the trees are bare now, with a few holdouts. At AutumnWood, we discovered the source of all the hornets this past summer. A state-of-the-art nest hanging from a bare branch just a few feet away from the camper. You know I love Nature in all her glory, but hornets I could really do without.

In our walk through the woods the other day, we saw lots of nests high in the trees, mostly squirrel. Would love to know what other birds were nesting in there. I have been in bird heaven out there this summer spotting many new birds, some I haven't identified yet.

Speaking of photos, and we were weren't we? Still a little in a fix trying to figure out how to get pictures from my camera and phone onto the Chrome. You all most certainly remember my complete lack of techno-skill. But maybe I can coerce someone in my household to help out.  I have tons of photos to show you!!

Decorations are up around the house; the orange and black are enjoyable. Hope you all are orange-happy as well. Happy Hauntings.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Since Last We Met

Greetings Wiccan Wreaders! I hang my head in shame for taking another long break from blogging. All is well with us, so no worries there.

We did have a delightful visit in August from The Godmother, who wanted me to post something so you wouldn't think she had "done in" the entire family since my last post was announcing her visit and I haven't been heard from since.  No, we had so much fun, spent the night in the camper at AutumnWood went touring around, ate great food and laughed so much. Daughter raethan was able to join us as well so, frankly, it was magickal!

Oh? Did I tell you we got a camper for AutumnWood? Gosh, my memory is going!!! It is a 38 foot camper, from 1987. In great condition, a cozy place to take respite from the weather, sleep-over on weekends, have cook-outs, play late night board games, etc. We have it hooked up to water and septic and will get electric next Spring. For now we have been using wonderful oil lanterns at night, which give a cozy glow.

We have been keeping busy with all the usual daily life stuff, husband is working regularly and feeling great. I have done an almost-complete reorganization of all cupboards, closets, hutches, china cabinets as well as shelving all my books in some sort of order. Frankly, my family has been in shock at the amount of de-cluttering I have done.

October has been a most wonderful month, with the glorious fall colors. Putting the garden to bed is always bittersweet, but it is time for earth to sleep for a while.

Samhain is almost here, Friday 31 October. I know all my witchy friends are in full Halloween mode. It is the most wonderful time of the year.

So this post is just a quick hello, to say Merry Meet, and hoping all is well with everyone. I will be back almost immediately, if not sooner.  Blessings from Robin!