Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday, Monday

Welcome to a new week. A typical Monday though. Hard to get wound up, especially with cold gray snowy weather. Means we have to cheer up the inside. Music, fireplace, good reads, a nap on the Tower of Terror.

And thoughts of warm weather out at AutumnWood.

Our Leaf Elf (raethan)

Click on photo to enlarge..wild grapes amongst the apple trees

Hubby charring beef flesh for dinner

Hubby and raethan and a bonfire(son Nick appealing to gods in background)

Ahhhh, good happy times!

Today I am going to try out my new mortar and pestle.

You know, I can never remember which is the mortar and which is the pestle!! Same with the meanings of concave and convex and other such word combos. Anyhoo, I love that it has three legs, just like my cauldrons.

Happy Monday, everyone, if that is possible!! Must fly.    Robin

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Winter is making its presence felt most furiously. I am not sure I should even be able to type when the temps are in the minuses. Gad!! Still, the sun is shining on us today and the snow is sparkling and the sky is blue. Very nice when you are inside. Woe unto me though, I must venture out into this arctic-like clime, boot up the sled dogs and make my way through icicles and icebergs in order to fill the cupboards. I wouldn't go at all except we are out of cat treats. This, as you know, is a crisis-level situation. Red Alert!!

As you can see, Pixie is in despair
So this is a quick how-do-you-do, and, if I am able to defrost myself I shall write again soon.

Stay warm and cozy!  Robin.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Photos for Friday

The AutumnWood camper in all her glory
Our tiny kitchen

Three beds and a cupboard (the camper sleeps a total of 7)

A view of Lake Ontario just a few miles from AutumnWood
These are pictures I first posted a few weeks ago but never showed up. I think my Blog Tech daughter has worked the problem out for me. I am still a little shaky on the process, but I sure do hope these posted!!!

A plate of cookies I baked the other day.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 2015!!

Back after a wonderful holiday with family and food and hilarity. Getting back into non-holiday mode has taken a little longer than I expected. But now all the decorations are put away, all the delicious foods and treats are gone and it is time to start getting things done!!

I don't know about everyone else but we have had frigid weather. Not as much snow, but terrible temps. Makes you want to curl up in a very warm cave and wait for summer!!

I used to hate January as it seemed to be such an anti-climax after the holidays, and nothing much to look forward to for a long while.  But these days, I appreciate the month more because I can take the time for planning, creating, reading, meditating without the distraction of beautiful warm weather or all kinds of events. I stopped making New Year's Resolutions a long time ago, though I do like to think about the things I should change or delete. What better time than cold blustery days to sit by the fire making lists, daydreaming or just plain thinking!

Time for some tea and perhaps a nibble of something.

The fireplace is calling me.  See ya soon! Robin.

is there a photo here??