Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Friday, August 30, 2013

Treasures and Pleasures--Part Deux

Continuing on with my show and tell of collectibles found throughout our New York state travels:

Old milk jug
Everyone needs one of these, right?

Heavy brass hunting dog (with a saddle?)

sweet little McCoy-wannabe vase

Decoupaged swallows on a background of found moth and butterfly wings (dated 1942)

adorable fruit dishes from '30s, bluebirds and flowers

Made in England, platter (Finlandia pattern?) My dear Canadian aunt had this whole set

Crazy about old brown transferware, also made in England

A true gem! Handmade tablecloth, tiny cross stitch, almost 100 years old

Not old, found at a roadside stand, but very quackable!!

Very old hand cut woodpecker to put on a tree
As you can see I have various interests and odd tastes in collectibles. It's the quest, you know. One never knows what one might come across. In your comments, can you describe one of your most unusual finds?  I would love to hear about it!!  

Happy Friday!! A long weekend for Labor Day!  Enjoy, be safe, stay well!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Little Treasures--Big Pleasures

In my travels around the countryside over the last few weeks I have made some interesting stops at various enchanting flea markets, antique shops and a few amazing yard sales. Actually, I had sworn to buy nothing this summer in the way of collectibles, etc but then I did sort through a bunch of "stuff" in June and took three boxes to the GoodWill. Really, Robin?? Is that your justification?? Oh well!

The general area of our travels in northwestern New York

In no particular order, here are some of my little treasures. For a closer look, click on photo.

This odd looking little shelf type object is over 100 years old,  made of solid, heavy wood and has a lot of engraving and intricate embellishment. I was told it might have been used as a clock case; there is a recessed area. I should have taken another photo from a different angle. Whatever it is, I find it fascinating and unique. Who knows what we will do with it??!!
I love to collect amber glass

Polish pottery

I have a growing collection of dog figurines from the 30's and 40's
Major score!! Cream colored McCoy vase

My mom had one of these little hanging kettles--had to get it

Yes, I got a Father Christmas, but look at the evil-looking sheep (and why a sheep, exactly?)

I have another post's worth of junk to show off, so tune in next time!! Oh, and everything, with the exception of the McCoy vase was under $5.00 each.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Ups and Downs

Please accept my apologies for my very long absence. It is shameful to not at least check in with everyone. It has been a summer of ups and downs, with the downs outnumbering the ups. Having said that, I will simply say that my absence from blogging in no way reflects upon my blog love, my blog friends or blogging in general. I thank those who have emailed me to ascertain the well-being of me and my family.
My husband has had some setbacks so that has been a primary source of anxiety, which leads to depression and a sense of helplessness.

The marigolds and snapdragons doing beautifully
So though things are not at 100%, I do not want to dwell on our problems, and will simply say we are doing the best in the circumstances.

Glorious hydrangeas that need trimming
How are all y'all??!!! I have missed you. I will be visiting blogs again this week and catching up on everybody! Hope the summer has been good to you. We have definitely had strange weather, but not complaining lately, as it has been cooler than normal.

Arctic blue willow shrub is taking over the yard!

We have been traveling around the area on the weekends and enjoying summer scenery, antiquing, enjoying new restaurants and pubs. This part of New York state has unbelievably beautiful farm land, forests, lakes and many historical sites. Discovering more of this state has easily increased our love of the area. We are also searching for property to buy...some wooded acreage in a beautiful spot. We have looked at a lot of places. Soon we should be deciding. It will start as just a "camp" for summer weekends, then eventually we will build a home.  It has been a marvelous escape from the "downs", and gives us goals to plan for.

A property in Sodus, NY we looked at
A woodsy 9 acres in Sterling NY
Lovely 5 acres in another part of Sterling. Uhh,  a marijuana grower's former property!
We are going out again this weekend to look at a very promising six acres in Hannibal, NY. This one could be The One.

So, a brief catch-up. I will be back tomorrow to show you some of my wonderful flea market/antique shop finds.

Take care, and I look forward to once again returning to my wonderful blog world. Hugs from Robin!!!

Pixie has found the summer very exhausting