Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Friday, October 7, 2011

PSSST! Come Here!

Yea, it's me again. Rotten Darkspur. I thought the Wiccan would never leave. She took off somewhere, something about mumpkins and pums, or pumpkins and mums. Who knows! Whatever.

Hey, listen, I gots some cool, dark stuff for you today. Go ahead, spray yourself with some lavender water, if you feel the need for protection. Keep the sage-burning to a minimum, please, it makes me nauseous. I said, "please", okay?!

Wanna meet some of my buddies? These are the ones you really don't want to meet in a dark graveyard. Some might do your bidding...for a price. Others you may not want to reckon with at all, unless you are feeling dark and nasty. I pass this information along to you as a, let's call it, public service, hahaha. Do with it what you will because after all, it ain't no nevermind to me.

Let's see, here's a good one to start with, the name says it all:

Buggar: These shapeshifting types never leave the astral world. Too bad, unless you travel there regular-like. They are very dangerous to humans and they really won't help you in your magick. Some people call them the Boogey Man. I wouldn't call them if I were you.

If you like to visit Faeryland, make sure these next guys don't follow you home:

Kolbalds: These dwarvish faeries like to make themselves at home and expect you to make your house available to them. They probably won't do work, mainly because they will sit around all day and night with their pipes. Funny thing is, they don't smoke those pipes. In fact, they hate smoke. If they think you have done them wrong, they will start tearing the place up, throwing stuff. They might help you set up protection spells for your house, but don't count on too much help. These guys are totally untrustworthy. Smoke 'em out, if you want to be rid of 'em.

This next bunch, man, these are bad:

Spriggans: If you are walking along, in the mountains say, be watchful of sharp rocks. Spriggins can look like rocks when they are on the ground. They can control  wind and can puff themselves up into huge shapes. They are always in a bad mood, always looking for ways to make life miserable for humans. Maybe you don't want to deal with spriggans.

Here's another batch of baddies to watch out for:

Goblins and Hobgoblins: Malicious! Oh what a delicious word. You might want to steer clear of these guys, and definitely do not invite them to your house or yard. Some stories say that goblins didn't used to be so mean, but they hung around with bad human types and learned their evil ways from these undesirables. Some goblins are kinda runty, but some others learned to shapeshift to bigger sizes. They are ugly suckers, just plain evil-looking. They like to live in dead trees, messed up, run-down buildings, any place dark and musty and dank, you know, my kind of place. Watch out at night, because that is when they like to be the most nuisance.

Listen, I gotta go. All this talk of mischief and mayhem has put me in the mood for some bad tricks of my own. I will be back soon. That's a threat, not just a promise!!  Remember! Nix on letting the Wiccan know that I have been tapping at the keyboard again.  Catch ya, later!!!

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Sources: A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk by Edain McCoy; and WICCA The Complete Craft by D.J. Conway


Anonymous said...

I came over from "Out of the Shadows" and I'm glad I did! Any wicked trickster is a friend of mine!! I'm definitely following! And Don't worry, I won't rat you out - us Scorpios really know how to bury a secret!! ;)

Linda in New Mexico said...

I bet Robin would be annoyed to know you have usurped her spot her in Bloglandia but shhhhhhhhhh, I shan't tell...unless, well just never you mind.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see You here again Rotten Darkspur!

Thansk for the warnings! But goblins seems to be nicer over here, we even plant trees in our gardens to make a home for them. Those trees are never to be harmed in any way, we do take good care of our care trees :-)

Stay safe Rotten!

Knickertwist said...

Our goblins are rotten. They've tripped me up several times and didn't feel badly about it in the least! Terrible things.

mxtodis123 said...

Nice to see you again Rotten Darkspur. I've been known to cause some mayhem and mischief myself. Hey, we all have to have fun sometimes, don't we?

Lorelei said...

Oh, goodness I'll be on the look out for those guys! The moon is coming to full waxing and I like to sit and watch out the window for any little thing that moves!

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Well, well, if it ain't Rotten Darkspur again!!! Hmmm, better not get caught by Robin or I think you shall find out why ... and remember ~she's got a lot of Wiccan friends you know?

Have a "Rotten" evening - HA HA!


Magic Love Crow said...

Rotten Darkspur, nice to see you again, and thanks for all the information! Things for me to look out for!
Hey, you better be good to our Robin! Or we might put a spell on you! ;o) And, clean the keyboard when you are done too ;o)

Anonymous said...

You had me at "cool dark stuff".

Hope to see you again soon my wicked darling.

goddessandmagick said...

Lovely wiccan writes !!! so interesting things, I think I may have of those lazy leaving in my house, they are just sitting all day in my living room! I will smoke then out!