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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lexie Update, Kitten Proofing, Summer Thoughts

Our whirlwind vet visit included x-rays and a brief threat of serious surgery. Fortunately the x-rays indicated Lexie did not have an unusual hernia. She is currently being treated with antibiotics. Her age and changes in hormones since her surgery almost two months ago have created a condition that may be with her permanently. We shall see. Otherwise, she is doing well after her vet visit.

We are modifying some things around the house this weekend in our further attempts at kitten-proofing. They are still too small to be allowed free roaming priviliges, but their area of romping is getting slightly larger. Kittens are great therapy! Laugh-out-loud type therapy. Highly recommended.

Meanwhile it has been a miserable summer for me, garden-wise. The hot dry conditions played havoc with containers; a thankless task this daily or twice-daily watering. We had not planted a vegetable garden this year because my brother is physically unable to work in it. I had had plans to add to my magickal herb garden and the moon garden, but just never did. It has been a difficult adjustment.

Looks like our migratory birds have started their trips to destinations south. The night-time chorus is getting louder as the summer begins its last days. Seems like just a couple of weeks ago we were celebrating the first day of summer.

Still, there are moments of summer left before the leaves turn and the snow flies.

The Wheel turns slowly, but inevitably. 


mxtodis123 said...

What a relief to find out that your Lexie-girl is okay. I know exactly what you mean about kittens. We had so much fun when Minga and her sister were babes. Right from the start, their personalities were so different...Minga was so standoffish to strangers, and Micheline, ultra friendly, which is why she ended up getting stolen.

My window garden just did not take off this year. Better planning for next year is needed.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

No one can feel sad or down in the presence of kittens.

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Yes I, for one, will certainly be happy to see the end of this summer and begining of fall! The heat and horrible storms we have endured around these parts has worn out its' welcome this year!

It makes me wonder if our mild winter last year was the price or if this winter we will be not so lucky? But as you said, the wheel turns on ~ always!

Happy to hear the news about Lexie girl! It is always such a relief when our furr babies are okay.



Linda Wildenstein said...

Hope Lexie is comfortable anyway. Just gotta love um and take care of um huh? And as to are a lucky lady indeed. We couldn't bring home a small one when we rescued because of our one larger dog....he's O/C and a wack job and well a kitty is just about a mouth full. So we got Cybella the picky instead. She is a cutie but a pain...all cat all the time. So love those sweeties for me cuz Cybella is not a lover, she's a picky.
My lovely flowers in my gorgeous tomato cans all croaked. Too hot, not enough water in the world for too hot. Oh well, it was worth a shot. So like you I am disappointed with my gardening attempts this year. Ah well, as you say there is summer left before the leaves fall and snow flies. Enjoy my dear BB, Oma Linda

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm glad Lexie is all right and the kitties are making you laugh.

On the plants side, things are the same around here. I've tried watering three times a day, but not even that is helping. I'm even working with the umbrella, but nope, it's just too hot.

I'm proud of my tomato plant, she's given two lovely batches, but I don't think we'll see another *sigh*

I'm considering bringing a couple of plants inside...

thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

I'm glad that Lexie doesn't need surgery and I hope she won't need medication for any longer period of time, but as long as she doesn't need surgery even a life long medication is better :-)

My garden has suffered as well but for the complete different reasons, too much rain and cold weather.

Yes kittens (and puppies) are the best kind of therapy :-) I'll show kitten photographs in tomorrows post :-)

Have a great day!

Magic Love Crow said...

I'm happy to hear Lexie girl is doing well. Keep giving her lots of love! That's the best medicine ;o)
Kittens are great therapy! If they don't break everything first! LOL!
I will be happy when Autumn arrives! I know we all had it rough, but I do truly feel sorry for our farmers!
Big Hugs ;o)

Mina said...

I am so glad it is nothing serious with sweet Lexie and so happy that you are enjoying those kittens so. We laugh all the time at buster and Herger. Herger is much larger but so gentle with Buster. Don't our furry babies give us such joy? Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet friend.

Jess said...

We've had odd weather here too, months of endless rain, then last week was blisteringly hot! My garden doesn't have many flowers but I have noticed wild ones around more. Maybe it's because I don't have mnay of my own I'm noticing them! ;)Hope lexie's ok.
Jess x x

Ashling said...

It's always amazing to me how teh Wheel can turn at multiple speeds in each day, each moment.

We've given up kitten-proofing; I need to light a candle to Bast asking her to watch over our pip of a Pip.

Great news about Lexie--what a relief for you!

mrsduncanmahogany said...

Finally getting all read up on the blog world! So glad to hear Lexie-girl is okay. Nothing worse than worrying about a dear pet. And those kittens! What adorable creatures they are! Will catch up properly upon our return!

Topper said...

Good news about Lexie! As much as I enjoy autumnits a little sad to see summer begin to wane. Hopefully the garden will fair better in the days ahead.

AkasaWolfSong said...

So happy Lexie is alright and getting the meds to help her. That's a relief eh, not to have to have surgery?

I ended up not planting all I wanted to either Robin because of the heat...I can't imagine what our poor farmers are facing, much less the nation as a whole as we all will be affected. You cannot convince me Global Warming is not happening as I 'know' it is.

Good therapy, those kittens and puppies! And yours are too cute! :)

Have a lovely week and talk with you soon...
Love and Blessings,