Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Monday, April 22, 2013

Popping In

Here I am, almost at the end of Earth Day to say hello to my good friends. This region of the planet was beautiful today, though brisk; beautiful sky, new buds on the trees, so many of our dear wild birds returning. A glorious day on Earth.

As far as my husband's progress; the healing of the surgical site is quite good. He still has a problem with a terrible drainage of an infection at the site of one of the surgical staples that were removed. It is causing a lot of problems. The other problem is weight loss due to a serious lack of appetite, though we are working daily to correct this. He will be having a CT scan this week to see about the infection. He has much less pain now, but still quite weak. I believe most of this is all entirely normal. If not for the staple site infection, he would be doing much better.

Obviously, I don't have much else to talk about as my days and nights are centered around my husband's care. I am going to try to visit everyone's blogs this week; it will probably take me a while to get around, as I have a lot of posts to catch up on. I hope you have not all forgotten me!!! Because I think of all of you every day.

I have been doing a lot of reading and have some fabulous books to recommend. Hopefully I can do that soon. And I am dreaming of the summer garden. We could not do much last year garden wise as my brother was recovering from the two strokes. Now this year, my husband is ailing, but my son and I are determined to do a few things. We shall see!!

And so I shall say farewell for now. My forget-me-nots are starting to bloom! That beautiful sky-blue tiny blossom. That is my message to you: Forget-me-not! Hugs from Robin.


oldgreymare said...

We're all still here..take your time sweetie <3

Jacquelineand.... said...

So glad to hear from you; I've thought of you and your husband every day.

Jess said...

You're not forgotten! I'm glad to hear your husband's on the mend and so now he can enjoy the summer flowers as they begin - at last!xx

Minerva Black said...

Still keeing you both in our thoughts. Glad to hear things continue to improve. Look forward to your reading list. x

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Of course, we will forget-you-NOT! Glad to hear that your husband is slowly improving. May his appetite come back soon! Are there any favourite goodies he can be tempted with?

Linda Wildenstein said...

Robin....glad for the update on hubby. Hope the infection clears up soon. That can be so awful.
How could you think that you'd be forgotten???? Not ever. Think about you everyday as I do morning meditations and every night as I tuck my darlings into my heart pocket. xoxo Oma Linda

Jeanne said...

We are still here - holding down the fort so to speak! LOL! :0)

Hopefully soon the doctors will send that nasty infection packing! And then Hubby will be on the rapid road to recovery.
How could we forget someone as special as you, Robin?!? Think about you and Hubby all the time and send healing, peaceful energy to you both. ♥

Check in when you can. :0)

AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh Dear could never be forgotten. :) It's so good to hear your voice and receive the update on your hubby...sounds like you all have everything under great control. I pray all will be taken care of and soon!!!

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and very close to my heart. :)

Sending Love and Sweet, Renewing Energies Your Way...

Anonymous said...

Everyone at the Cottage could never forget you!! We check it often to see how things are going. Your hubby is most important and we will be here when you can come to visit.
Hugs and Sparkles

Ellen in Oregon said...

Nope, you are far from forgotten. We're just giving you space to take care of things at home after all the time sitting in the hospital.
Glad to hear that your husband is continuing to move forward in his healing despite the ongoing wound drainage issues, As long as the wound can drain out as the tissue grows back in he should ultimately be OK. You just never want the wound to closed and the fluid to have nowhere to go & get infected again. He is doing amazingly well considering how seriously ill he was in ICC just a few short weeks ago. We just never know how fragile we Humans are until our bodies fail us. I hope you were able to keep a journal while on this rocky journey, so you can look back & realize how strong you are given what an emotional roller coaster you both have been on.
I enjoyed reading your post about the hawk walking in your garden. I hope it was a sign of positive forces surrounding your home & family.
We see hawks all the time out here in Oregon and while they are often seen flying or on telephone poles or freeway lights we also frequently see them hoping around in the fields of grass seed and hay. They always look finny to me with that odd little half hop half rocking kind of walk they do. Much more graceful in the air than on the ground. Happy one visited you in your garden & lifted your spirits even more after the meditation.
I look forward to hearing about all the books you have read.
You probably already know, but zinc is very important to supplement when a person is healing from infections. I had a serious bone infection in my leg once and after 10 surgeries and a yr. in the hospital isolation the zinc helped me turn the corner and speed up the healing. I was amazed when they wanted me to eat at least 10,000 calories a day just to heal in the wound (for 2 weeks only or I would weigh 800 pounds).
take care Robin. I miss seeing you on Christers' blog too.

mrsduncanmahogany said...

I will never forget you Robin! Take care, rest when you can and sending lots of healing energy to your husband.

Magic Love Crow said...

Forget you?? Forget my little Robin!! Never!! Mom always asks about you and your hubby too! Robin, you have to get your hubby to eat! He has to get his body going, so he can fight off this nasty infection! Get some dark green vegetables in him, like spinach and brocoli. If he doesn't like these, make a shake and put some fruit in it! He wouldn't even know it's in there! Big Hugs and don't worry about us! We love you!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

if i lived near you...i would be cooking for both of you! i hope he feels better and heals soon!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I think of you every day, and as you can read I'm not the only one. We are here sensing you healing and waiting to hear from you and the hubby ;-)

Mary A said...

You are not forgotten. I'm sure that you are thought of often too by all your friends. I hope your hubby's infection clears soon. A small infection can suppress the appetite. Best wishes, Mary A