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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Thing About Bears

scary grizzly
The thing about bears is that I have been having nightmares for two or three years. Scary nightmares of bears attacking, chasing me or family members, of bears crashing into the house and roaming throughout looking for us. Always waking up panicky.

Scary, scary bear
Well, not quite this scary, but still....!

One day last summer I had a discussion with son Nick about this. He thought about it for a little bit and said for me to try to look at these dreams  in a different way. Instead of running away, I should turn and face the bear. Perhaps the bear had a message for me.
Talking bear
Funny, huh? I wasn't feeling it.

But I told Nick I would think about it. And let my thoughts at night, before sleeping, focus on not being afraid of bear dreams, and possibly (possibly) trying to connect with the bear on a friendly level.

Months pass. Still scary bear dreams. I seem hopeless at controlling a dream, or the fear. Obviously I have a block.

A few weeks ago I read a book called "Zoo" by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. A scifi novel about wild animals going bad. And of course there is a scene where our hero is sleeping in a hotel room and is awakened by bears breaking down the door and running into the room and killing him. Oh, the hero didn't actually die because it was a dream!
just a dream source
 Should I really be reading this kind of book?! I think not!
I finished the book. And gave it to my husband to read (I do recommend the book). When he finished the book we discussed it. I explained about the "wild bear" scene, that it was disturbing and did not help my bear fear. Then I raised my voice: "If these bears have a message for me, or they want to be my totem (or power animal) then the Universe has got to send me a sign!"  We laughed about it, but I was serious. I am tired of being scared of bears!
THE VERY NEXT DAY:  !!!!!!!!!!
A package arrives in the mail. It is from dear friend Stacy, the wonderful artist who writes the blog, Magic Love Crow
Inside this carefully wrapped box is a sweet, charming, cute bear. A Boyd's Bear. Just adorable and tear inducing and then goose-bump raising!


The Universe sent me my requested sign. A bear. Made possible by the somehow-knowing hands of Stacy and her mother. Bless their hearts and so many thanks for the love and the friendship.

(Of course I had to call her and we had a fabulous conversation, as if we talked on a regular basis at the kitchen table with tea and cakes)

And so my love affair with Bear is in its beginnings. Reading all I can, and hope to have a friendly loving meeting with Bear soon. 

I can bearly wait!!!!!!

unfortunately my camera is out of action at the moment, but I will post a photo of the sweet bear Stacy sent next time.


Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin! Great minds think alike! I just posted your story! You tell it way better!! Love ya!! Big Hugs ;o)

Linda Wildenstein said...

oh my and Stacy teamed up to bring me to tears. Bears it is. How very dear. Oma Linda

Jacquelineand.... said...

You do know that, for many Native Americans, Bear is a powerful symbol of healing and being a healer, yes? Bear carries many meanings and messages, not all of them positive, and Bear tends to both test you and be a little 'testy' at times, but considering the timing...

c. Joy said...

Wow! Looking for a sign and finding one. Have a great day.

Danni said...

Ah, Robin. Once you get in a relationship with bear it is one of the most powerful, comforting and amazing totems. Like bears in real life, Bear can be ornery and hibernates through Winters (encouraging us to do the same) and she will give you tests but the relationship is 110% worth it. I take mental trips to Bear's caves when I'm in need of healing, when I'm in my own Winter and hibernating and now that I'm going to be a mom, she's put her big paws around me to protect me and fill me with fierce momma bear passion.

Maybe rather than allow the dreams to control the meeting, try a meditation to meet with Bear on your own terms. :)

thecottagebythecranelaketwo said...

How interesting! Sometimes the signs comes when we least expects it :-)

I rarely remember my dreams and I have only had one nightmare in over 25 years. I can't even remeber what it was about just that I woke up almost screaming.

Have a great day!

Sunshineshelle said...

This is wonderful to read both interpretations of the events, giving the story yet another dimension, Stacy certainly has a magical way about her doesn't she, and that bear breaking down your door, chasing you, seems like he/she is absolutely unstoppable in it's devotion to making you accept rather than reject what it has... I don't know about totems really, but one of the comments above seemed to think health/healing was a bear thing, maybe it then appearing in the form of Stacy and her beautiful moms gift, means it has presented it's offer of 'healing' in a less aggressive way... Like the bear was (as bears can be) large, forceful in the dreams, almost destroying you in its insistence to accept it, and it needed a mediator 'Stacy & mom' to make you realise, the bear is actually a gift, to be accepted, good, and brings healing power it wants you to have?
I find the story fascinating, and I hope the bear and you are at piece knowing the powerful message is one of kindness and collaboration, just needed the translation via a different means. X

Vanessa Morgan said...

I came here from Magic Love Crow. Wanted to wish you some courage with your husband.

Frank Topper said...

Dreams are a mystery to me. I can never remember my dreams, even the one I WANT to remember. I awake with it fresh and think I want to remember this. However, the moment think of anything else its gone. However, I do remember nightmares, fortunately not too often. I hope Bear helps!