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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Easy as Pie

I have told you all before about my love-hate relationship with pies. I love to eat them, but have always had a devil of a time making a pie crust. I've watched videos, cut out instructional tips from magazines, had many a pep talk from friends and family. Just this past Yule I made crusts for two pies. One was okay, the other sort of so-so. It is a sad fact that I am unable to conquer the pastry; flakiness is the "crust" of the matter.

Bemoaning this problem one day a couple of weeks ago to my son, we discussed alternatives. Ready-made pie crusts are so convenient, but they don't taste like Mayberry's Aunt Bee's pies. I make a lot of delicious and successful other baked goods, so nicarus told me just focus on what I do well and don't worry about pies. But I do worry about pies.

Apple crisp is the family's favorite dessert. I use my mom's recipe and it is always wonderful. We got to talking about graham cracker crusts, which are so simple to make. And yet are they perfect for all types of pie? Nick suddenly came up with the suggestion to try making an Apple Crisp Pie, using a graham cracker crust. Hmmm.

Yesterday, I cast off the fear of pies, and made a pie with splendid results!

Crushing the cinnamon graham crackers, melting butter and stirring in some sugar.  Pressing this mixture into a pie plate. Hassle free.

Peeling and slicing apples, making the apple crisp topping and baking. Easy-peasy.

We enjoyed a pie and I didn't have an anxiety attack!!

Easy as pie!!


Kamyria said...

Oh wow, your pie looks delicious! I've never made a pie crust from scratch yet, this is something I definitely have to do in some near future. Enjoy your delicious goodness!

Jeanne said...

I gave up trying to make flaky pie crusts and settled for a flaky pie crust maker! LOL

Linda Wildenstein said...

Yay for doing things a new way. I love this idea. How clever you and yours are. xoxo Oma Linda

Anonymous said...

I'm like You, sometimes it works out good sometimes not and it's when they fail one start to make cobblers instead :-)

Have a great day!

mrsduncanmahogany said...

That's awesome! I too have no luck at making pastry. I can make bread in my sleep, but pasty - no way! Every time I moan about pastry I am told to just make crisps or crumbles. I am going to borrow your idea!!!