Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Mayhem

Pyewacket here. No good deed goes unpunished. All I wanted to do was to keep my Mom company. Really.  I had no idea what those black cords on the table were for. I thought Mom had put some fun strings to play with there for me. Because she know how much I love strings and such.

Is it my fault that her box of sound and pictures got stuck to those wires? Is it my fault that I am a lovable and fun guy who likes to play tag with my sister. Can I be held responsible for causing my Mom to say bad words when the blinking box sort of slid kinda off the table?



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey Pye -- you are as blameless as ever!

Kamyria said...

Ha ha ha Pyewacket, you are adorable! Don't worry, I'm sure Mom will forgive you with time.

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Of course not, Pye! You are just being yourself ... sweet, adorable and energetic!


Aunt Kim

Ashling said...

Absolutely not, Pyewacket! You're just being true to your nature. Kitties being true tot heir nature is why Bast gave you all NINE lives!

Magic Love Crow said...

Not your fault at all Pye ;o) We love you! xoxoxoxo