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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Round-Up

Yesterday, our next-door neighbor had several trees chopped down, as well as some heavy trimming of their big old maple tree. This impacts us in a couple of ways. First, we lost privacy for our backyard.  This is a typical 1970s-designed neighborhood, so the houses are fairly close together. When we go out on our deck we feel like we are now "on display". It will take some getting used to. I do understand the trimming of the maple tree, as it is large and some of the branches were growing close to their house. The other trees that came down, I don't understand. Their house, their property, their choice, of course. Still, a shame. Especially since those particular trees were homes and protection for wild birds.  It is hard to see trees come down.

My son came home last night to tell us about a minor mystery he solved. He had seen a large spotlight sweeping the skies over our area on his way home from work; he gets home from work about midnight. Curious as to where this spotlight was coming from, he took off in pursuit of the answer. Turns out, this spotlight is on the roof of the local MacDonald's about two miles away. Apparently, the home of the Golden Arches is trying to attract late-night customers. People looking for the source of the spotlight will supposedly be lured into their "restaurant" to purchase yummy and nourishing fast food.  My son is not a fan and was able to resist the call of the spotlight. Does this not seem like a strange marketing tool? Reminds me of the story in H.G. Welles "Time Machine", where the evil Morlocks send a hypnotizing signal to the peaceful Eloi to lure them to their deaths.
scene from 1960 movie "The Time Machine" (Eloi being drawn to certain death)

In other news, have you heard that a member of the Flying Wallendas, those notorious acrobats and high-wire walkers, is planning on walking across Niagara Falls tonight? It is being telecast live on ABC tv.  This man, Nik Wallenda says it will cost almost 1.3 million dollars for the event, including the expense of the heavy wire and its installation, permits, police for crowd control, rescue personnel and of course the ubiquitous Port-a-Potties. I, for one, will not be watching. Was it his father, or grandfather, who fell to his death in a similar stunt? Not sure this is my kind of entertainment. Hope he makes it across safe and sound.

Well that's my Friday Round-Up. Sorry, no film at 11. Have a super Friday.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

ABC news insisted that Wallenda have a tether so that if he falls, he won't die onscreen. He's not happy about it but he needs the TV coverage so he's doing it.

Jeanne said...

Such sad news about the Trees. :0( It really pains me to hear or see things like that.
But happy to hear that Nicarus was able to resist the sirens' call of the spotlight! LOL :0)

Aine said...

Robin - you could have titled this post WTF. I mean really. Coincidentally, I just listened to a story on the CBC while driving the other day about the cutting of trees. There are many here who want to protect trees with laws. Some poor woman who lived on a pension had to spend $3000 to put up a chain link fence to keep her neighbor from cutting down HER trees (because it caused SHADE in his yard.) I often worry about my neighbor cutting down the only tree that provides shade in my yard, but for the time being, it's his right to do so and there's nothing I can do about it. I hope the laws change to protect the trees.

yep. I am wondering what in the world is going on in the world lately. As John Lennon said "The more real you get the less real the world seems."


mxtodis123 said...

Oh gosh, I know that feeling of being on display. Lived that way for 15 years. That's why I only went out in the back yard at night.

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh Robin the poor, poor trees! This makes me so sad and yet angry too. I'll never understand the need to cut down trees that don't need to be cut.
My neighbor pulled this last year on the property where I live...he'd already talked with the landlord and got the go ahead.
I walked out of my door when I hear the chain saw and stood their and wept...Nice Pines grown straight and tall that provided shade and privacy gone in hours.
Now it looks awful from the way he cut them. His reasoning was they were harboring too much wildlife!!
Can you imagine? Needless to say he got a piece of my mind and I wasn't nice about it either. *sigh* So...I certainly empathize with you!!!
Maybe you can find some cool deck umbrellas to help with shade and creat some sense of privacy?
Have a super weekend and stay cool! It's supposed to be 90's and humid here...
Many Blessings...

Charlotte Tree Service said...

Trimming and pruning tree branches can be a hassle, but are necessary sometimes. In your case, it worked out worse then when they were there unfortunately. McDonalds is disgusting!!

-Tony Salmeron
Tree Removal Charlotte

c. Joy said...

Is there something you plant that goes really fast?

thecottagebythecranelakeolof1 said...

I know of a night club that did just like that over here but I doubt they got any more customers, especially in the middle of a work week.

I wish they at least could wait until autumn when all nesting is over. I guess they just like lawns and trees are usually in the way for lawn mowers. I need to take down my plum tree since it is dying and half of one of my apple trees.

The apple tree has split in the middle and half of it is now slowly sinking down to the ground. But new plants of some kind will of course be planted instead :-)

Have a great day!

Magic Love Crow said...

I am sorry about the trees my friend. Sometimes it is needed. Just last week, when we had those high winds, two of our dog wood trees snapped. These trees have to be at least 20 years+ old. I tried to save them, but when I was trimming them, I realized the bottom was rotting too, so I had to cut them both down. Our back yard shades 3 houses and mom and I keep watching our big evergreens. They have to be 30 years plus old. We know one day, they will have to come down, hopefully not soon. Our cedars, have been chopped so badly by our backyard neighbour, they are bare! Errrrrrrrrrrrr. That is weird about McDonalds!!! I didn't watch it, but the Flying Wallendas made it! Have a great day ;o)

Topper said...

I hate to see trees come down, its always sad. What a marketing tool, I can't remember the last time I ate at Mcy D's. They need the business their stock dropped from a high of $102 and was trading at $80 a share last time i looked. (they are in the Dow 30 you know) Just some useless trivia. Nicarus is wise to stay from the big Mac Attack.

Hippy Jersey Devil said...

It literally pains me when people chop down trees unnecessarily. As for the privacy, we planted a bamboo grove around our patio and it's so private we can dance nekkid in the rain.