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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Melt, Melt and Drip, Drip

Mother Nature is having a ball. The predicted temperature today is 63 degrees F. It has been mild the last few days. So the massive snow mounds are dwindling, the sound of dripping is constant outside. Watch out when you are walking because a chilling, wet surprise is waiting to freeze your head or face as you pass under any structure.

The meteorologists call this the "January Thaw".  Hello, muddy dog paws. For me, it is a refreshing break from the icy, snowy days. At least for the time being. Winter will be back quite soon. Oh, boy.

On the homefront, my husband is doing better, still some pain, but feeling more human!

I am finding comfort in books and magazines, music, kittens and doggies. I believe I have mentioned before my little "problem": magazine addiction. Magazines literally throw themselves at me, jumping into the shopping cart and some have even tackled me to the floor by the cash register. Totally true, swear to Goddess!

Just a few of my latest
This week's agenda includes organizing my witchy cupboards and drawers.

The incense drawer is a mess (but smells really great!) oh, look there is Pixie peeking up in lower right
The kittens are going to help me smudge at the next waning moon (the new sage sticks from good friend Chris at Yule)
Also, going to be working on my Book of Shadows. I am focusing this year on more herbal information, solar magick and learning more about the goddess Hecate and dark moon magick. It is always exciting to add new areas or, expand old areas, to your path.

I received a question in a comment from Scottii concerning the Book of Shadows. I tried to answer via email, but Scottii didn't have one. So I will say briefly here that a witch's Book of Shadows (BOS) is basically a journal or record of spells, rituals, herbals, personal accounts of spellcasting, history, information that is important to the witch and his/her practice. Truly, anything that one regards as relevant, special, interesting can be placed in a BOS. Stories, ritual chants, tools, cleansing and consecration methods, spells, reflections, etc. It is for use by the witch to assist in remembering, notating what works, what doesn't work. There can be photos, drawings, lists of books, websites, recipes and so forth. It is all up to each witch. I don't show my BOS to anyone, and since I am a solitary Wiccan, there really is no need. My BOS is a very large 3-ring binder. I use all manner of papers, inks, printed, colors. I have index tabs and I add topics and categories regularly. It is for my use so it is not fancy. I can add and subtract things as needed. I love my BOS, it works for me. Many witches have beautiful leather-bound, parchment pages, use calligraphy pens, or quills. You can set it up anyway you want. It is a sacred book, even though it is a working book. I keep it cleansed and consecrated. (Sorry that wasn't too brief, but once I got going I couldn't stop!!)

If anyone has questions regarding my Wiccan path, please don't hesitate to email me; please be sure to leave a way for me to respond. I often get questions from people, and I don't mind answering at all. As long as it is understood that I am a solitary Wiccan, and only speak for myself. There are many traditions of Wicca and other witchcraft practices. A person must choose their own path, and do the things that feel right to them.

All for now! Hugs from Robin. Bright blessings, too!


Anonymous said...

It's getting colder here again and as long as we don't get any more snow I like it :-) I went out on the bog today but it was a bit too early to be honest :-)

The book of shadows sounds interesting!

Have a great day!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

I'm Meeeeelting!!!!!! <}:o(

Introverted Art said...

I live you witchy cupboards. And the weather sounds much better. Although muddy dog paws might not be welcome hehehehehe

Linda Wildenstein said...

love the Pixie in the photo, just peeking in to say hi.
Glad hubby is somewhat better and much more comfortable. Makes it better for you and your worry level.
My witchin' supply places need to be combined and purged....but well so do so many other areas of my life at the moment. But I am pluggin along which is better than the alternative I suppose.
Be well, squoozes to you. Oma Linda

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Robin ;o) We have lots of green grass ;o) We had so much rain last night, that we had water in the basement! Mom and I were digging in the mud today! That's another story! LOL! I use to be like you with magazines, seriously! Nothing spending like %50.00 a month! I have cut back to basically nothing! I miss my mags! I do treat myself once and awhile ;o) I had to cut back, it was an expensive hobby! I love the picture of Pixie looking up! I have been cleaning up things too ;o) So happy hubby is feeling better! Pain is not fun!! Big Hugs and be well my friend ;o)

Ruthie Redden said...

Hi Robin, glad to hear your hubby is getting better. I must admit i am a wee bit of a magazine lover too and do have to tie my hands sometimes! We had snow for about four hours here and its gone already, so wish it was back. x

Jeanne said...

Ooohhh...warm weather! We're in the single digits here! bbbrrrr!!!! But we should rebound to almost 50 by the weekend! :0)
Shame on those magazines! Jumping in your cart like that! I have found that magazines will also jump right into your arms if you let them! :0)
A good way to start the year - by organizing and clearing out! Been doing a lot of that lately. Yea!
Glad to hear Hubby is better. And Life is getting back to normal. :0)

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Robin I had that same country living in my cart and then took it out. What is wrong with me??
I must get a bundle of sage to burn in the kitchen once its remodeled. Just in case.)) I heard that a cut lemon is a good way to take out unfriendly or troublesome spirits too. Does that sound familiar to you?
I think herbal healing is fascinating.

Patrycja Photography said...

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Anonymous said...

I too want to go deeper in my path with Wicca. Love your blog btw


Hi Robin,
I think the idea of reading magazines and books at this time of year is great. I think I have the same problem with magazine addiction - it could be worse!
Stay warm and look after yourself and your husband.
xoxo Ingrid

Lili said...

Oh Robin sweetie, I just got caught up with you and so sorry the holidays had your hubby in the hospital with emergency surgery. So glad he's back home and doing better. I know you both will be glad to get this all taken care of soon though. Magazines always seem to find me too...FUN! xo