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Thursday, January 24, 2013

News and Official Information

Can you hear my teeth chattering? It is  minus 3 Fahrenheit. But actually, how can I complain when mrsduncanmahogany, of OctobersNovember blog, in the wilds of Canada is living with minus 45 F!

I have an announcement: my kitty blog PurrrrSnickitty is up and running again, AND there is a giveaway to be entered. If you would like to see some new photos of our 8 month old kittens and take a look at the giveaway, click PurrrrSnicKitty Giveaway  and also on my sidebar here where I have placed a link. The giveaway ends January 30th.

In other news, I would like to send you all over to my friend, Sandy Sandy's blog. She is doing a "30 Days, 30 Paintings" series, using Trees as her subject. Inspired by beautiful poems, Sandy's paintings are amazing. I am way behind in seeing all her work, as I have not really been online during January. But I am catching up and am very impressed with her art. She infuses her paintings with an incredible Spirit. Please click on this link  to view her endeavors.

My husband is feeling much much better. He was due to go back to work this week, but needed some extra time to recover. Still hurts to sneeze, but certainly he is coming along greatly.  Thanks again, for all your good words for him.

If the cold weather has you in its grip, please have a nice hot cup of cocoa and think of warmer days!!

Bright Blessings from Robin.


mxtodis123 said...

Glad your hubby is feeling better. I do know what he was going through. We're not quite that cold down here, but it is cold enough. Glad I didn't have to leave the house at 7 am to go to work.

Linda Wildenstein said...

Oh so glad to hear hubby is doing better. And I did go to your kitty cat blog and enjoyed the little darlings. They are so adorable.
As to your temps......brrrrrr. We had a cold snap and snow and it was miserable....but it only lasted a bit. Yesterday was 60 but by the end of the weekend...back to the teens. Crazy I tell you.....Oma Linda

AkasaWolfSong said...

Brrr...45 below is coooold no matter how you slice it! And I thought we are cold...geesh!
Don't you love Sandy Sandy's trees?
I've been following and am always enthralled by her art...she's incredible!
Good to know hubby is almost ready to go back to work. :) I bet he can't wait to be active again. Sneezing does hurt as it engages all those muscles in the abdomen...having had three cesearans I know how awful that feels.
Now I must run over and catch up on your kitty blog and see what you've been up to over there, lol.
Stay warm Sweet Sister and many blessings on your day!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

hi robin! glad your husband is feeling better. it sure is cold here too. the big snow is not too be so i am bummed!

Anonymous said...

-4F here this morning :-) but now it's more modest, 15F :-) I can't even imagine how clod -45F is!!

I'm glad Your husband is on his way back and it's always better to be safe than sorry and stay home some extra time after surgery.

It's so fun because when I saw Sandy's Mulberry tree I thought that it looked like something van Gogh would have done and I love his paintings :-)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad, Robin, to hear about the good news about your husband!


Sandy Sandy said...

My Dear Dear Robin - You never cease to amaze me. What a sweet and thoughtful person you are! Thank you so much for all your comments and kind words about my art and my 30/30 tree series. Your words really warm my heart. I am so thankful that we met and now are "related by cats". Wonderful news about your hubby bunny ! ! It's finally gotten real cold here in Jersey. I just got in the house . . . filled the water trough, brought in hay and put double blankets on the horses. I guess we are as ready as we'll ever be to face this Arctic blast.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I remember what it feels like to hurt when you cough or sneeze -- tell your hubz to take as much time to recover as he needs! Clearly he's not healed up enough yet.

Jacquelineand.... said...

So glad you're hubby is healing and feeling better! Stay warm up there; off to check out Sandy Sandy.

P.S. When I go 'git mah hurr did' I'll be sure to get photos; I might even share them, lol.

The Boston Lady said...

I have two new blogs to hop over to now! "Hurts to sneeze", made me hurt for him. Hopefully by next week he will feel well enough to return to work and thus start really feeling better and back to "normal".

Brrrrrr. When the temps start getting to a certain point, it just feels plain COLD. Ann

mrsduncanmahogany said...

Love Sandy Sandy's blog! Her art is amazing! So glad to hear your husband is healing day by day. Best not to rush things, let the body heal as it will. Better temps today, only -36 celcius with the wind. Not bad.

Anonymous said...

Glad your hubby is feeling better
Blessed be

Magic Love Crow said...

Yeh, so happy hubby is doing better ;o) We are in the same deep freeze, but next week, we are getting rain and the temperature is going way up??? Don't understand! Big Hugs and I am going to check out Sandy's blog ;o)

Mina said...

OMG!!! I would be freezing to the bone. I am so glad your husband is feeling better sweetie and wish for both of you a happy week ahead. Warmest hugs, Mina.