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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some good news, some bad news

Snow is very beautiful, isn't it? The evergreens painted with crystalline splashes of pure white. Snowflakes glittering like diamonds. Clean, fresh air with that crisp, cold sharpness. Cars stuck in icy snowbanks. Treacherous trips down the driveway to get the mail. Risk of frostbite while shoveling. Get the picture?!

Anyway.....medical update: my brother had a successful procedure on Monday, and hopefully this will help him for a while. That's good news!

My husband is really ready to get on with his surgery. December 19th! All will be well.

In the bad news: Our sweet little Pyewacket kitty jumped up on the flat surface of the wood stove chasing a moth, and badly burned all four paws!!!! Terrible. I rushed him to the emergency animal hospital. He is on pain medication and antibiotics; the vet recommended a special kitty litter called "Yesterday News", which is made from recycled newspapers and is smooth, soft and in pellets. He is also afflicted with the "Cone of Shame", and I have isolated him in our old kitty condo that they lived in for the first few weeks after we brought them home from New Jersey. (That was 17 months ago!!) We are miserable for him, poor little Pye-Pye.
Poor Pyewacket (and he just tipped over the litter box)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad your brother came through with flying colours! But poor Pyewacket -- I hope his paws heal soon. What a bit of bad luck. He'll avoid that wood stove like the plague now, I bet.

Linda Wildenstein said...

oh bless him. I hope he gets well very soon. Poor baby.
Glad to hear about your brother. And I am excited for your husband and the prospect that this is going to help.
Oma Linda

jaz@octoberfarm said...

oh on a hot tin roof, sort of. poor pyawacket. i hope the little guy heals fast. good luck for your husband too!

Kallan Kennedy said...

Glad for the good news, and sorry about the kitty! Hope everything else is okay! hugs

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so happy for your brother and your hubby will be in our thoughts! Poor Pyewacket!!! Big Kitty Hugs ;o) xoxoxo

Ellen in Oregon said...

Glad to hear your Brother got through his surgery & is doing well. One down, one to go.
Poor Pyewacket. I cringe even thinking about those tender kitten paws on the stove. I guess it is time to get creative with a wood stove barrier or you could declare it "Moth Free Zone". Pyewacket will be back in action before you know it. I hope the Cone of Shame comes off soon. It makes a cat indignant to be treated like a lowly dog. The cats here are sendong headbutts to help make your "Kitten" feel better.
When I had my cat at the vets last month, I chuckled a bit because when the next patient called into the examine room, the cats name was also Pyewacket. I almost laughed when I heard the tech call him. I never though I would find another cat with that unique name. I'm sure he was a copy cat.

The Happy Whisk said...

Poor little baby. Why must he stay in the condo? Is it to rest?

Aine O'Brien said...

Great news about your hubby and brother, but poor kitty!! Oh, the cone of shame is a terrible thing!

Jeanne said...

Good to hear all went well with your brother!
Be safe when out on icy, slippery walks/driveways/roads!
And poor Mr. Pyewacket! May he heal quickly & retain the lesson learned. I shall say a special prayer to Bast for him.

The Boston Lady said...

Oh Robin, I'm glad to hear about your brother, I've missed so many posts from my friends lately. I hope I can start keeping up from now on. Best wishes to your husband for the 19th. I'm glad to hear you say all will be well.

And Pyewackit, poor thing! I know that must have upset you alot. Speedy recovery to him! Ann

Sandy Sandy said...

Poor poor sweetie Pye! Poor hubby and brother too. :-( Sending out lots of love and healing energy to you all! xo Sandy

Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Oh nooooo! Poor Pye! I had a cat land on an old woodburning stove once. I hope he will be find in time. Hugs to you all. x