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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Outlander---My Obsession--My Passion (and no, I am not crazy)

If you have read this blog at all, you know I have a great passion for the book series by Diana Gabaldon called Outlander. The first book published in 1991 was named Outlander, and the following 7 books each have different and beautiful titles. But they all center around a lovely English lady named Clair, and her Scottish beloved, Jamie Fraser. I have read the entire series twice and have followed Diana's blog (I am on a first name basis of course, tee-hee) for at least the last 5 years. When she announced on her blog a couple of years ago that Starz had optioned her books for cable, well, I will tell ya, I practically needed CPR (preferably administered by Jamie Fraser!).  This is how obsessed I am.

It is just a damned fine series of books. Written in brilliant style, meticulously researched, it is an epic tale of history, time-bending events, supernatural occurrences, 18th century Scottish events and people. The way Diana writes the characters, it is not difficult to become wrapped up in the lives of these fictitious people who seem very, very real. I adore these people.

And now on Saturday nights I can see my Outlander world come alive and thrill at the story all over again. Don't anyone speak while I am watching this show.  I am blissfully enraptured by this fabulous drama.

And Diana just announced today that the show has (already!) been picked up for a second season.

I love the casting of the show. Jamie and Clair are perfect. All the characters are perfect. Filmed entirely in Scotland, the scenery is amazing. The costumes, the horses, the swords..........whew! Is it hot in here???

I highly recommend you read at least the first book, Outlander. Warning: the books are friggin' long, but you won't care because the story is!

Look, I gotta go, because Outlander starts in little less than 30 minutes and I have to get myself situated in my chair. And don't talk to me during the show. Seriously!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I haven't read the books but I'm really looking forward to the series. In Canada, it airs a week later than in the US so it starts here next Sunday night. I do so love a handsome man in a kilt.

Aisha said...

I love the show as well. I think they did a wonderful job so far and can't wait for the next few episodes. YAY I'm glad I have someone to fan girl with! !!

Magic Love Crow said...

LOL! You are so cute Robin!!! Thanks for the fantastic recommendation ;o)

Chatelaine said...

Now I am going to have to read the books. I hope the series did not disappoint. It sounds like a wonderful story.

c. Joy said...

I've read about you loving these books and thought maybe someday, then tonight I saw 20 or so minutes of the Pilot episode (started watching just as the couple was watching the people gathering around the stones and singing). Lovely. I'm ordering the Kindle edition and the audio so it can be read to me while I finish up my remodel and move on to putting my garden to sleep for the winter. I saw a 'preview' DishTV wants me to order STARZ. But as I watched I kept thinking "I know this" - so I got on my computer and looked up show name, Outlander, and then it clicked in my brain and I thought of you. Thanks Robin! Happy Autumn Equinox.