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Monday, November 17, 2014

In a Snow Globe

The weekend here in Central New York was chilly and snowy. Saturday it snowed all day, but it was as if we were living in a snow globe, light roundish snowflakes all day. Not sticking to the streets, but a constant beautiful snowfall.

Now it is Monday and we have big fat flakes making every effort to discourage us from travel. But, really the "bark is worse then its bite". A showy snow!

I attended a Craft Fair on Saturday, but must say it was disappointing. There were over a hundred booths, but dismal offerings. Too many crocheted pot holders, odd and expensive floral arrangements and wreaths, lots and lots of jewelry and way too many "Vendors" selling Avon, Tupperware, soup mixes and various other manufactured wares.

 So I went to my favorite book seller and indulged in my favorite past time of book browsing. Books never disappoint.

Another week has begun; November is speeding by. Thanksgiving is almost here--I can smell that turkey roasting already. But I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Much to do this week and here's hoping a great week for everyone.

Bright Blessings from Robin.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

the snow missed us. i am so disappointed!

mxtodis123 said...

We've had a cold rain all day today. I chose to stay in. Retirement brings choices, and it feels good not to have to think of an excuse to call in. I'm getting back into crafts myself. Have to keep busy. Hubby and I were just talking about Thanksgiving, and it's hard to believe it is only days away. I'm not ready.

Before closing, I'd like to add how good it is to have you back blogging. I've missed you.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, I've been to too many "craft fairs" that were like the one you describe. Not worth the effort of attending.

Lady Caer Morganna said...

LOL!!! Yes, I can definitely relate to both the weather and the craft fairs!

I love your cartoon about books, too! Very true indeed, my dear Robin!

Great to have you back!!!

Hugs, Kim

Frank Topper said...

Ah yes an idyllic view in my mind, a stuffed chair by a roaring fire, a cup of cocoa, a good read, with snow falling out the window.

Jeanne said...

I have noticed the same thing about the few craft shows i have attended. Very disappointing. I can remember a time when all sorts of glorious treasures could be found there.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Robin ;o)
I am working backwards through your posts. I am so behind in blog land! I am so happy you are back! It's very windy today and cold here. Not too much snow, yet! Too bad about the craft show! My friend, did you get something from me in October?? I hope so ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

The Boston Lady said...

As always you describe the season perfectly. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Robin. Ann

Chatelaine said...

I have stopped going to craft fairs. They usually disappoint.

I much prefer shopping flea markets and antique fairs.

Bookstores are the best, aren't they?