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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A birthday, and also a World celebration

Today is my mother's birthday.....95 years old. Wow that is a long life indeed. So I say to my mom, Happy Birthday with all my love, and thanks for being the most wonderful mom a gal could ever have. You are beautiful, and I treasure so many great memories of being raised by you. You are an inspiration. I love you very much.

And on this day, the world is celebrating the rescue of the 33 trapped miners in Chile!!! May they all be healthy and happy, and may each one get out safely. Thinking about the families, what a day for them. The pain and suffering that has been endured by all, is now almost done.

Celebrate Life!


Sea Witch said...

So glad you found my blog and said hello. I adore this venue, have met so many wonderful souls. Please wish your mom a fantastic 95th birthday. Oh what she can share with you. On this October 13th (lucky number, lucky day) wishing you blessings to you and all those you love. Sea Witch

strell4 said...

Happy 95th Birthday to your Mom. Having had the pleasure of meeting her, she is a warm and loving woman and has been blessed with a long life. Send her loving wishes from me.
We also celebrate the amazing 33 miners who were rescued today, and all the many who made their rescue possible. Life is good!!

Rue said...

Happy birthday to your mom! And celebrating along with others the rescue of the Chilean mine workers! A good day!