Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Sampler

Need I say the dogs went nuts when they saw THIS!

A chilly Autumn day here, leaves flying around, the sun comes and goes, the clouds look ominous, then scurry away. Perfect!

Here is a favorite movie I absolutely have to watch every October, usually just a few days before the 31st. It may be a bit corny, perhaps a little definitely is hilarious, and I just adore it. I love all three actresses who play their roles with gusto, I love the scenery, the plot and the cat. I love the haunting little tune that one of the characters sings, and who can forget the "raining fire of death"?

Love it!!!

Speaking of witches, I want to recommend a blog I truly enjoy. There were three posts this week that impacted me on different levels. Lyn over at posted about blog content theft, which prompted me to add a little copyright blurb at the bottom of my blog. She also talked about intent in our charitable giving, which I had never given much thought to, and has really changed my whole thinking about giving. And finally Lyn offered a little daydream/fantasy that gave me a smile when she asked what our favorite chocolate is and, if, stranded on a desert island who would we share that chocolate with. She mentioned Johnny Depp, and I have to say, wow and oh my, wouldnt that be nice.  (Of course I am happily and inexonerably married to my darling adorable husband, and would not Seriously think of running off to a desert island to eat dark chocolate with Johnny Depp, good goddess what are you thinking!!!!) Anyway, take a stroll over to Lyn's blog when you have a chance.

Take care, and Bright Blessings


strell4 said...

Johnny Depp, well I've heard that before. Mmmm
all these cute trinkets in your photos. Thanks for the blog recommendation and enjoy your movie.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Love the squirrel and raven on the pumpkin! Have a great week:)