Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Now What?

For months and months......and months, my mind has been filled with all things wedding. Plans, ideas, details, worries, deadlines, shopping, garden tending.....and etc. The wedding has come and gone. What a dream-filled day with such sweet beauty and love. Fabulous and happy. Truly a magnificent life experience. Really, words cannot convey the emotions I feel.

And now, my brain is empty!  There is a relief to not having all these lists to fulfill. I am sure my daughter feels the same way. I cannot imagine being a wedding planner. Whew, what a job that would be!! The last couple of days I haven't really known what to do with myself, though....just puttering around the house and garden. What 's next?

Here's something: In the mail yesterday, I received the dreaded Jury Summons! Onondaga County has planned my first week of September for me. Wasn't that nice of them?

Coming in September: the Autumn Equinox. This is the sabbat of Mabon, also known as Second Harvest. Who does not love a Harvest Celebration? There will be dozens of harvest festivals all over the place. Here in the northern part of country, the leaves will begin turning and that crisp autumn scent will be filling the air.

If Mabon comes, can Samhain (Halloween) be too far behind?

The next ten weeks will offer much and more for witchy people. Very much looking forward to it. Lots to share with my wonderful blog followers. Plenty to do. 

Confession? I am just a tiny bit sad. The wedding is over and my daughter is a wife now. That tiny little girl from way back when is now a married woman. I think I need a little time to adjust.

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.  ~Author Unknown


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, there's always a bit of a letdown after such a big event, isn't there? Take time for yourself and be gentle.

Linda in New Mexico said...

We had my daughter's handfasting here at the house and I worked myself silly making it so very special for her. And afterwards, it was like being the only living person in an empty gymnasium. Echoes everywhere. So my dear, I understand.
But has a way of filling up that empty spot with....well life.
Mom's of the bride have to stick together and respect and boost each others spirits in the afterwards....kinda hard with a side order of whew, that's done. tee hee
Smile darling, maybe you'll get a really interesting who done it case to jury.
Blessings, Linda

Aine said...

Yes your daughter is grown up and a wife, but she's still your daughter. Take it from me, and those with adult children, your job as mother is far from over. :) So beginnings don't always mean endings! Give yourself some time to adjust to both the change and the slower pace. I also cannot wait for the Autumn holidays. I will have real trick or treaters this year!!!

Kim said...

Robin, you should be very proud of what you have accomplished! Now it is time to sit back, kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!



maddyrose said...

It would be unusual for you to not feel a void. The time spent concentrating on one event and then it's over. Empty space, and a calm. Relax and take some time for you. Let us hope the jury duty doesn't last too long. There's much to do before Halloween arrives.

Anonymous said...

After all this, I can certainly imagine you have to adjust. It has been such a great event.
September en October will be great. So much to look forward to.
Have a magical day.

mxtodis123 said...

I had a sense you were going to have that letdown feeling. After all, it's been months that you have been working towards this wedding...and you did a magnificent job. Now might be the perfect time for you to enroll in a course you may have been wanting to take or engage in a hobby you had put aside.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine that it feels a bit empty now, but things will change since pagan holidays are coming :-)

If You´re to bored star making jam :-) :-) If nothing else it will take hours to clean up the stove afterwards :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, you worked so hard, now it's time to relax, and go to Jury duty! LOL! The universe knew, the wedding was over ;o) You will be keeping busy with the Harvest Celebration and Halloween and through it all, you will miss your daughter. But, you know how much she loves you and you love her! That's the main thing ;o) Hugs Robin! Oh, I am coming over with the ketchup! Put on a Johnny Depp movie ;o) LOL! Now, that's something that will keep you busy! Just watch Johnny ;o)

Jeanne said...

Enjoy these quiet moments and bask in the memories of that beautiful wedding! It won't be long before Life will fill up those empty spaces and you'll be wondering what happened to all those 'quiet moments'. ;0)
Of course, if you really need something to do, then you could head out to Colorado (in a week) and help me set up my new house.... Just sayin'..... :0)

Tamara said...

I know you feel that sense of relief but now have a void that was filled with your daughter. She's still your daughter but is now beginning a life of her own. Trust me...she will still very much need you and before long the void will be filled with grandkids. :) Relax, enjoy, do something fun just for yourself. Heck...go get a pedicure and a massage! lol I have a feeling I will be knee deep in wedding plans with my daughter pretty soon. ((Hugs))

Jessie said...

Enjoy the peace of no planning while you can! My daughter was married exactly 2 years ago tomorrow which followed a year and a half of daily planning. There was a short lull of them moving to London and now they have the cutest baby in the world. What I'm saying is, you never know what's around the corner!xx

Mina said...

Now is the time to sit back and prop your feet up before life hands you the next round.;-)

Those grown children still need their mommas. I know mine always do and don't be mistaken...I love every minute of it.

I am hoping I can keep up with all the witchy goings on coming up. It is my favorite time of year.