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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Selective Editing--This is Infuriating

The news media is often a good source for "news and official information".  There is also the knowledge that you can not believe everything you see on television news reports or read in the newspapers. I would like to think that generally speaking, ethical reporting and truth in journalism is the norm. After viewing the video I am placing in a link for you to watch, I no longer believe that.

This video is a local newscast from Chicago concerning a shooting in the downtown area. The anchor introducing the video says"...this is disturbing" and later "...this is scary." The reporter at the scene interviewed bystanders including a 4 year old boy. First, why they thought a 4 year old should be interviewed about this awful crime, and why this child's parents gave their permission is perplexing. But the selective editing of this interview is incendiary. This should infuriate everyone. For the video please click on the link below.

Click here

To read about this further click this link


Anonymous said...

It is scary how they can do this! Especially the part they have "forgotten" where the kid says he wants to be a police. And how can they even think of having a four year old asking him these questions?

I don´t trust the newspapers any longer but I do trust the swedish tv news, so far they have behaved as they should.


mxtodis123 said...

I am with you on this one. This is already a traumatic experience for a little boy. Why make him relive it again?

Aine said...

Unbelievable. well, not really. I find television news unreliable at best. Television itself is nothing but marketing with a little entertainment thrown in to keep the viewers from doing something else with their time. The boy is 4 years old, not much younger than my grandson who will be glad to tell you any story that entertains you whether it be true or not. No wonder we don't believe anything we hear anymore - we probably shouldn't.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Good grief.......this is the exact reason why I hate the news media. Thanks for the reminder...I am being sincere here, no sarcasm. Oma Linda

The Traveler said...

That is flat out ridiculous! That poor little boy wants to be a police officer and they are trying to use him as a scary 'thug in training' type character. I am constantly reminded that ethics in journalism is apparently now optional.

Tamara said...

Oh for pete sake!! This is absurd! I can't believe they edited out the part about wanting to be an officer to make the story "better". Hope he gets fired for this! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Jeanne said...

I have not trusted the news media for quite some time. Stories will be edited to 'get the best bang for the buck' (a ratings game - higher ratings mean more $$ for the tv station) and tv stations are 'fed' news by the gov't so that the public will believe a certain thing. I will generally go to BBC sources for my news. And even then, I will read several different stories to try and obtain an accurate accounting of something.

This same editing process also applies to tv shows. When I lived in Louisiana, Hubby had the pleasure of playing tour guide to a tv film crew (for the TV show-All American Festivals))that had come to film the local festival of which I was in charge. The film crew filmed footage for 3 days straight and then that film footage was edited down to an hour. I realize that they couldn't use all the film taken but in several sections, the editors used 'artist license' when compiling it. Several things were spliced together so that the film was 'more appealing' to the general public.
While working for the same festival, I would write press releases and appear on tv and radio spots to promote it. Several times the 'promos' I wrote would be edited to sound more appealing - nothing was ever truly inaccurate, but sometimes the truth would be a bit cloudy.

Magic Love Crow said...

This is horrible and ridiculous! I take the media for what it is. I like watching the BBC news, but then, I don't know if anyone is better than the other!

Lady Caer Morganna said...

It is disgustingly sickening to me how the media only cares about sensationalism anymore. Who cares about who gets hurts or whether or not it is accurate reporting? UGH!!!

Yes my friends, I find this very distrubing indeed!!!

Mina said...

This is unbelievable. I have not watched the news other than the weather in years for reasons just like this. They annoy me to no end.