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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Word or Two for Wednesday

Great responses yesterday to my "Mother Earth" post. So many wonderful ideas and testaments about revering our planet. Of course I realize, and you must to, that we are "preaching to the choir" as the old saying goes. For everyone of us who is doing our part to care for our Home, how many thousands do little and less, who care nothing at all, who never notice a sunrise or  who shamelessly go about their lives without a clue about the truly important and precious needs of this world?

This morning the newspaper said that over 12 million people felt the East Coast shake and rattle yesterday. I never felt a thing. I was gliding on my porch swing at the time, watching three hummingbirds in my garden. We lived for 10 years in Southern California and felt a lot of quakes, both small and large. I don't feel like I missed out on anything! Thankfully, it seems there was no damage or injuries in this event.

Here is an item for you: Our State Fair starts tomorrow and the big snack to be offered is a deep-fried, bacon wrapped Snickers candy bar. Also, deep-fried butter. My arteries are hardening just reading about it!! And, no I will not be sampling these fine American morsels.

All for today; it's gonna be beautiful outside. The sunrise was spectacular this morning and the air smells sweet. Glorious! Hugs and blessings from Robin.


Jeanne said...

I read on the web this morning that the Washington Monument suffered a crack from the quake yesterday.
I saw all sorts of things deep fried when I lived in Louisiana - not real fond of deep fried anything anymore...
I left a comment on Aine's posts yesterday about a worldwide group called Freecycle where members can post about items they have to give away - a great way to help keep items out of landfills. Members can also post about items they are looking for. Wish more people would think about their Mother more often!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Enjoy your day! Watch some more hummingbirds!

Tamara said...

That sounds so wonderful...gliding on your porch swing and watching the hummingbirds. :) It's so peaceful and lovely and it makes me long for my hobby farm in Minnesota. I also used to sit out on my back porch in the porch swing and watch the hummingbirds up north. Wonderful! :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Robin, I felt the quake yesterday! No damage where I live, but I know there was damage in Toronto. Our Toronto Fair opened up last weekend, and the two big things to eat are deep fried coke and a hamburger inbetween two Krispy Cream dounuts! Don't think I will be trying them either! LOL! Have a great day! It's raining here!

Anonymous said...

I´m glad nothing worse happened during that earthquake! I guess they aren´t to common on the east coast. We have some over here too but we rarely feel anything.

You can´t seriously say that any one would eat any of those thing??? Is it possible to survive that at all :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

mxtodis123 said...

Ah, I was home, still nursing my cold. I'd just climbed out of bed and sat in the computer chair when it began to say. My first reaction was "Wow, that fan is strong today."
Then my son tells me about the earthquake.

Mina said...

Eeewwww! Deep-fried, bacon wrapped Snickers candy bars sound disgusting. A man must have come up with that one. ;-)