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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Family, Swans and Addictions

Finally, a sunny day with seasonable temperatures. A super day to get out in the garden. Boy, do we need to get out in the garden. Weeds are spectacular!! We could win an award for these weeds!!

Here's a few random bits of odds and ends:

Family Updates: My husband is doing great these days after recovering from his sudden and severe illness. He has been back to work for about a month now and does not appear to be suffering any after-affects.
My brother continues to deal with his many health issues. He will be having another surgery this coming Monday for a kidney-related problem. We just need to take things one day at a time.

Swan Update: It appears that Manny and Faye, the Manlius, NY swans I talked about Here are expecting a new family. Faye has started laying eggs and the security cameras have been set up. Also a large group of volunteer citizens will be keeping an around-the-clock watch on the nest. I personally think it was a mistake for the newspaper to report, not only that more swan eggs have been seen, but the location of the nest was revealed. Hopefully, though with the video surveillance and the volunteer watchers there will not be a repeat of the senseless destruction of eggs that occurred previously. I will keep you posted.

Reading: Over the last three weeks I have been reading a lot of gardening books, magickal books and several fiction novels. Perhaps I have been reading a bit too much, instead of working on the aforementioned weedy garden. I am never without two or three books in progress, though, and the gardening books are essential for my skillful dealings with the task required. (!!)

A few of the books I have read recently
A confession: I have an addiction, and truly there is no cure. I am a magazine fanatic. Love the glossy things. Every month, I furtively make my way to my favorite book store to satisfy the need. I can't explain it or deny it. Mostly gardening mags, country-style decorating mags, flea market and antiques and collectible mags. There is no stopping me.

The latest examples of my addiction
Current family addiction: Speaking of addictions: My son brought home a game a few days ago and it has become legendary in a very short time. It's an electronic game and has caused us so much hilarity and family fun. Catchphrase is it's name. The game gives you a common phrase or name and the object is to get your partner to guess this phrase. You can say pretty much anything you like, sentences or descriptions. Hand gestures are fine. The game has an electronic beeping that gets faster as time runs out. You should not be the person holding the device when the timer goes off, sort of like the kid's game "Hot Potato". You pass the game back and forth. What a riot! We laugh so hard at some of things people say to get their partner to guess the phrase. Huge recommendation from me if you are looking for a fun game!!! and furious guessing game
That's all the updates for now. Have a splendid weekend! Bright Blessings.  Robin.


Tamara said...

Lol I just had to laugh when you wrote about the magazines you read. They are the same I read and garden magazines! :) Is there any other magazine out there?? hahaha Can I come weed for you?? Since we moved into this townhome I miss weeding so much! It's such good therapy. :) ((Hugs))

Jeanne said...

Glad to hear that Hubby is doing well. And sending positive thoughts out for your brother.
A good book is a great thing! One of my must-dos for the summer is to get back into reading. I have been away from my books for far too long. :0)
And I have now added some more titles to my list of 'reads', thanks to your pic! :0)
Have you read any of the other "Aunt Dimity" books? Your opinion?
And have you read any more of Melissa de la Cruz's books? Thoughts?
Have a fantabulous Saturday!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

We played Catchphrase a couple of months ago with some friends and had a hilarious time! You are right to recommend this fun game!

mxtodis123 said...

Oh my, I can certainly identify with your addiction. There was a time when each month I'd buy just about every magazine on the market. My favorites were Woman's Day and Family Circle because they came out every three weeks. Haven't bought a magazine in years. One day, I just stopped...sort of like how I stopped my smoking addiction.

AkasaWolfSong said...

You have so many wonderful things going on Robin. :) I'm happy to hear about your hubby being better and back to work. I will keep your brother in my prayertime.

As for the Weeds...ah the lovely wild ones! My yard is full of them right now, as are my flower beds and I'd best be busy this weekend, lol.

I love those mags too, and buy Country Living. That is my fave mag.

The game looks like so much fun. I wonder if my grandkids would like it. I bet they would!

Here's wishing for You and Yours a most wonderful Mothers Day!
Blessings, Radiant Blessings!

c. Joy said...

You can get Southern Living? Is this a great country or what? Have a great weekend. Hurry and finish your weeds and I'll LET you do mine.

Linda in New Mexico said...

BB you do in fact have a lovely addiction. All the shiny pretty pages do beckon.
I am glad to hear your hubby is doing well. I will of course continue my good thoughts for your brother. And for you.
Hope Mother's Day is a good one for you.

Robin Larkspur said...

Jeanne, I have read all of the "Aunt Dimity" books. They are a fun, light, quick read...usually a good mystery, in a quaint English village. The Melissa de la Cruz book is her first for adults, and is not bad. I liked it for the most part. The Katherine Howe book is the second book by this author. I loved the first, ("The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane"). This one, I found slow, overlong, and not at all what I expected. I plugged through though.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Your husband is ok now and I do hope Your brothers health improve soon!

I love books and especially gardening books. The Explorer's Garden (Daniel J. Hinkley)is my favorite and I got it from Joyce, is it two years ago now? time just flies.

I don't care much for garden magazines though, they usually only shows plants and gardens that survives only in the best climate we have here in Sweden and I really don't have that climate where I live :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Aine said...

Glad to hear that the medical situations are stabilizing! Yes, I think it's time to get out in the garden. I have a few days off this week and plan to use them in this very way!

Oh, lovely swans. I agree that the newspaper should not have reported their egg sighting. I hope all goes well. When we lived in the city the lakes had many swan families. I love how they show off their babies!

Sandy Sandy said...

Glad to hear your hubby and the swans are doing well. Sending healing energy to your brother. Catchphrase sounds very much like Guesstures, which is also always a hoot to play. Happy Mother's Day Robin. Enjoy your day! Hugs, Sandy

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, thanks for keeping us updated with the family and the swans ;o) Much appreciated!
I use to buy magazines and books all the time! I have calmed down ;o) LOL! I have to admit, it is a fun addiction ;o)
I have to look into this game! Sounds hilarious!
Big Hugs and have a wonderful day ;o)

Topper said...

I hope the swans can hatch their family in peace, and security.

Diandra said...

One day at a time. Good advice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Robin, for sharing the updates with us. Great news on your hubby and I hope your brother's health improves.

I hope that the swan family will be left alone and can get on with having a family of beautiful swans.

Love what your read and I have a few of the same books! I can never get enough of books or magazines :)

You are one busy lady and yet you still have time to blog and have wonderful "give aways"!!!

Great Big Hugs My Friend,

Anonymous said...

I am a magazine whore. I also love to save them up and when I get a few hours to myself go through them and cut out things I would like to draw into my life. Dreamboards are amazing magical tools. Have you ever made one?

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Robin..... Found you at Mary's....I too, love mags....although I don't buy many anymore as they have become so costly.

Loved your choice though and also like the look of lthose books.