Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bless Me!!

The kittens and I survived their surgeries! They spent the night at the veterinary hospital and then were ready to come home the next day. Everything went well and they were very very happy to return home.  I was glad to get them back home too!

Don't get too close to the screen, now! I have a miserable cold and am coughing, sneezing, sniffling and groaning. So much to do before Thanksgiving! Isn't this always the way?!

Meanwhile, the computer is still giving me some problems; it seems to be hit or miss as to whether I can get to websites. Very strange. I am glad my husband will be home from his trip tomorrow. Fix it, please, dearest husband.

Have a superior weekend!! Can you hand me a tissue please?


Jacquelineand.... said...

How about some nice warming soup as well?

Yay for everyone surviving, feel better soon. =)

Sunshineshelle said...

So cute... Yes and as much as we enjoy a little free time, our hubby's do tend to earn there place in the home :)

Aine O'Brien said...

Oh, a holiday cold - the worst! Get better soon! I am so glad the kitties are back and doing fine. It's quite amazing how quickly little kits recover. They'll be back to crazy soon enough!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

yay for the kitties! hope you feel better by turkey day!

Sandy Sandy said...

Glad to hear the kitties are doing well!! Sorry to hear about your cold. I swear by Airborne for a speedy recovery. HUGS to you all. :-)

Witchy Cats said...

Oh my, no. I am so sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. Murphy's Law always kicks in at the wrong time as per usual!

I am glad to hear that the surgeries went well and your babies are back home where they belong!

Big hugs and sending some positive healing your way!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad to hear the kittens survived the Ordeal. I remember when HRH went in for the operation. She was glad to get home too! And then she grew bushy, bushy hair over the incision site, as if for extra protection, LOL!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Firstly, so glad the kittens are home safe and sound and all is well.
Secondly, hope that computer gets back to normal and happy your hubby can fix it! :)
Thirdly, I'm sending you healing energies on the gentle winds...we can't have you under the weather for the Thanksgiving festivities!
That would just not be right at all! :( Till then know I'm praying for a speedy recovery and holding you close in thought Dear!
Much Love and Healing to You!

Wendy S. said...

I just got over a miserable cold, ugh! Lots of rest and lots of hot tea were what helped me most. And in some weird way, I enjoyed staying in bed reading books that have been waiting for me. Glad the babies surgery went o.k. Sending you all blessings.

Jeanne said...

Glad to hear that the three of you made it through the fixing process! LOL :0)
Bummer about the cold! Drink lots of liquids and snuggle a kitty. You'll be feelin' better in no time! :0)
We've all had the stomach flu here. :0( Hubby woke up with it this morning. But better now than in a few days when it is Thanksgiving!

Linda Wildenstein said...

I hope you feel well soon BB. And I'm glad the kittens came through their surgery okay. Oma Linda

oldgreymare said...

I read on pinterest that you should put vicks vapor rub on the soles of your feet and then wear socks to stop a cough in 15 minutes flat. I use it on my chest , have since I was a child..just like mom used to... slathered on, with a washcloth between it and my pj's I go right off to sleep. So next time I'll try the soles also! Hope you feel better - gobble gobble

Anonymous said...

Colds comes and goes here all the time now, or it could be just the same one returning all the time :-)

Take care!

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, I am so sorry you are not feeling well! Big warm hugs my friend ;o) I am happy the kittens surgeries went well ;o) I love the picture! I hope hubby can fix your computer! Now have a cup of tea and relax ;o)

YONKS said...

You have my sympathy, we have all had an early cold but better to get it out of the way so you are ok or the upcoming festivities. So glad kitties are ok.
Much love.
Bless you!

Samantha Stephens said...

BE HEALED! Please take care of yourself. Remember to relax - mind, body, and spirit. ;)

The Boston Lady said...

Robin, Bless You! Go away cold! Glad the kitties and you survived the surgeries and things can go back to normal - whatever that is! You know, I'm going to jinx this now, this is the first fall I have not had a cold! In fact I haven't been sick since we've moved! My MIL is arriving on Tuesday with FL air in her system! I hope she doesn't bring a bug! I am so looking forward to seeing her that I don't even care! Feel better and have a wonderful week ahead. Ann

mrsduncanmahogany said...

Blargh! Colds are the worst at any time of year. Feel better soon, you and I can heal together, across the miles! xo