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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On a Cold, Rainy Day

Thinking about seed packets and little pots of bedding plants. Imagining morning glories climbing up a trellis and zinnias in that riot of color we love. Remembering the sights, sounds and smells of summer in its glory. Soon the seeds will be planted and growing, bees will be zipping around the garden, hummers will be sipping at colorful blooms and the memory of cold, drizzly gray days will be far away.

Sending out thoughts of summery seasonal joys! Not much longer now.

Last summer's petunias


mxtodis123 said...

Winter has returned here. It's so, so cold. All those pretty tulips and other flowers I planted last week are gone.

Jeanne said...

Those petunias are gorgeous! They are such pretty flowers and would love to have some grace my garden but I always seem to have problems with them....they just don't thrive for me.

Rue said...

The weather is so fickle this time of year. We had so many cold, rainy days and now intense heat (which will be gone again in no time.) I start to think "just enjoy today for what it is" because tomorrow will be different, I'm sure.

Enjoy the green the rain brings. You'll be running for the garden hose soon enough - lol!

Sending you sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo, Robin, and I love your message :)

Happy Spring Thoughts & Hugs,

Linda in New Mexico said...

I usually don't look forward to the garden chores, but this year has been different. We got our faerie side yard cleaned and arranged 4 weeks ago and today we have roses blooming on the new trellis'. We finished the tomato
can planters on the back porch and planted all the flowers and strawberries and guess's gonna snow on Thursday. We've had 80 degree weather and now darn. I knew there was a reason I was never excited about the garden until May. Oma Linda

Aine said...

Me too! Keep buying plants/bushes to place in my "green house" for now. Can't wait to see them grow. Windy and rainy here now too - but that's normal for pretty much the entire month of May and then - watch out, here comes Summer!!

Sandy Sandy said...

Spring is not far away Robin! Give it another week or so and I bet you'll be dancing around your May pole! Thanks so much for your light and friendship! Hugs, Sandy

Anonymous said...

I always have at least one hanging pot of petunias! I found black ones last Summer. Could I have been happier? I think not.

Anonymous said...

It seems spring has come back here :-) I've sown tomatoes and paprikas yesterday. It is too late for morning glories here, If we want them to flower reasonable early we must sown them in early February :-) I hope I can find some to buy later.

Have a great day!

AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm still vascillating on whether or not to plant at all, since I'm working on moving...don't know if I will receive a call and then have to move everything? Ah well, I can dream through you Robin, lol.

Your petunias are stunning! :)
I plant them every year as I love them and they are so hardy.

Mother's Day is my marker for planting here in Southern Wisconsin.

Happy Tuesday Dear Heart! :)

Kallan said...

Lovely thoughts turned into lovely weather! Thank you! (((((Robin)))))

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, we had to turn our heat back on in the house! It got too cold!!! It finally stopped snowing, so that's good ;o) Love your photo of your petunias ;o)