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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Potpourri of Random Miscellany

Thanks for all the great comments on my "home improvement" post yesterday. Much appreciated, makes me smile! One note: the photo of the veggie garden was taken in July of 2008 when all the improvements were just finished. My brother was responsible for the amazing look of the garden, with all the work he did. I helped, and did the design, plant choices and planting, but he did all the heavy duty stuff. Every year the garden is a bit different. Last year, for those who were following me then,  you will remember we planted The Wedding Garden, for my daughter's wedding flowers. It was quite a success. (If you feel like looking, there are photos from the wedding garden and the wedding in my July and August 2011 archives, in the sidebar.)
Car loaded with all the flowers we grew for the wedding (Aug, 2011)

Boy, that's sad about Dick Clark's passing. I know there are a few of my followers who, like me, remember watching American Bandstand on Saturdays. We used to make fun of some of the kids and their dancing. And that seemed to be the gauge for rating a song: Could you dance to it? Dick Clark was an iconic American figure; a member of a by-gone era.

I received my gift from Kim's giveaway over at the blog, The Wiccan Life  It's a beautiful double wicked candle, a lovely shade of blue, with a fragrance called, appropriately, Spring Rain, from Blue Mountain candles. It arrived safely, and not only did I receive a lovely gift, I had about 10 minutes of fun popping the bubble wrap that kept the candle safe. Thanks a bunch, Kim. You are the best!

Okay, confession time. My list of blogs that I follow has been increasing over the last month or so, as I add blogs of a purrticular nature. Cats. I have become obsessed with cat blogs. I am smitten with kittens. I treat felinity  like divinity. I kowtow to the meow-meow! It's true. The reason, mainly, is that we don't have a cat in the house now. Ever since our MacKenzie-cat passed away in August 2010, we have been without cat companionship, and I am really really missing this presence. Unfortunately, I don't think we can get another cat (or two) because of our dog, Gwennie. She hated MacKenzie with a passion. For some odd reason she blamed him for the telephone ringing. Everytime the phone rang she would bark and chase him. Or when the doorbell rang. He usually jumped up high, or scooted down through his catdoor to the basement. MacKenzie was with us before we rescued Gwennie, so he was already established as a resident. Bringing new cats or kittens in, especially as she is an older dog now, doesn't seem like a good idea. I would hate for them to be terrorized by the barking and chasing everytime the phone rings. Sigh, and sigh again. So I read the cat blogs. You can see them on my blog list. Wonderful blogs.
From 2006, Gwennie on the left, Lexie on the right, MacKenzie on top (calm because the phone is not ringing)

That is enough rambling for one blog post. Have a super Friday!


Anonymous said...

Robin, I can understand why you are sad about not having a cat in the house, and I can understand why you can' least for now. I love cats also, but can't have one because of my hubby, and/or our 130 lb. Alaskan Malamute!!!

Your wedding flower garden was so beautiful. Flowers sure can brighten our lives.

I miss Dick Clark. I am going to be 66 years old, so I remember American Bandstand very well, and danced along with his show in my mom & dads living room every week :)

Big Hugs,

c. Joy said...

I love cats - always had one when I was growing up. Now my husband and children are allergic to them so I enjoy cats from afar. Tried having fish = it's just not the same. Love your flowers - how wonderful that you grew them for your daughter's wedding. You have a way with gardening. What will you grow this year (guess I just have to wait and watch)? Have a great weekend.

Ashling said...

What an incredible gift to give your daughter--growing the flowers for her wedding. That's too awesome.

Saw Dick Clark doing Rockin' New Year's Eve two years ago, and found myself teary-eyed because he was so old, stumbling over words....I didn't watch much Bandstand, but I saw the new year in 'with' him year after year. Guess it's a reminder none of us are young anymore, huh?

Jeanne said...

Sad about the passing of Dick Clark. I well remember watching him on American Bandstand. Time does march on... even if we would like to think that it stands still - at least where age is concerned.
Love the photo of the flowers in the car! WOW!!! They were all so beautiful!!!
Gomez sends snuggles and purz your way. ((and he can totally understand the reason for opening your home to another Kitty)) :0)

mxtodis123 said...

I was so shocked to learn of his death. I've watched him off and on since I was in high school. That's almost fifty years. Never missed a Rocking New Year's Eve with Dick Clark.

I have a kitty. I've had her since she was a tiny kitten. She is 20 now. I love her dearly, but,let me tell you, when kitty's are spoiled, they are spoiled. 'Feed me' when 'I' am ready and not when convenient for you. I cherish the time I have with her.

Linda in New Mexico said...

It is indeed a part of my growing up watching American Bandstand and hearing Dick Clark introduce all the new bands, songs etc. Tony Orlando said only "god" made more stars than Dick Clark...
The Herculean task of the gorgeous wedding garden was a joy to observe last year. I was so very impressed with the results of your labor of love.
As to the kitty situation. I do so understand. We have had Sunny Bunny for 13 years. He has outlived so many other critter pals and foes and now lives with Shelley's dog Odin (the Don Knotts of the canine world, also OCD and Ellie Mae, terrible terrier). We would love to get Ry a kitten but.....the three critters here would find a way to "do another kitty in". We even looked at rescues of grown and mature cats but I'm thinking with Sweet Man being beyond his maximum animal level, kids being kids and the critters here already having the circus acts they preform....not so much.
BB, I hope you have a blessed weekend. Happy New Moon to come, Oma Linda

Anonymous said...

It's just not the same to live without a cat, or two in the home even if one of mine hates most humans including me :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Lady Caer Morganna said...

I know what you mean about Dick Clark. I grew up with American Bandstand and now Rockin' Eve will never the same either. I will miss him!

You are very welocme for the candle (and the bubble wrap LOL)!!!

I am having a Witch Cats Blog give-away if you are interested, my friend. Just pop on over if you haven't already?



Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, I can just see you playing with the bubble wrap ;o) LOL! You are too funny! I know what you mean, missing have a cat. I miss my Falco and at this time, it's really not good to have a cat around. That's why I love going to Kim's cat blog! My happiness is shared through her cats ;o)The picture you have of your two dogs and your cat is priceless! Big Hugs ;o)