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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Babies!

Besides the bursting forth of blooming things, the spring season also brings with it the arrival of bunches of babies! Some of the blogs I follow have been showcasing these little stars of Nature's delightful "party"--Spring! Take a look at these cuties. If they don't bring a smile, then you are still stuck in the cold dark of winter. Cheer up and embrace the Light!

Baby Lambs:  (including a white and black spotted one) lambs

Baby Goat:   Kid 
(be sure to check out the previous posts here to see the very day the baby was born)

Kittens: adorable
(I am truly smitten with kittens on this blog, can't get enough)

This is just a tiny taste of what is happening out there in the Spring world. Soon there will be lots of babies in my own backyard. We have birdhouses which are teeming with activity, as sparrow parents build their nests and await the hatching of little noisy babies. Also for the past few years, a pair of robins have built a nest in the same place on our porch. Last year we had baby mourning doves as well.

The rites of spring...what a joy.


Anonymous said...

Robin, thank you so much for a look at these adorable Spring babies!!! I have been smiling from ear to ear at how cute they are :) What a wonderful way to start my day!!!

Blessings and Hugs,

mxtodis123 said...

I've been fascinated with the baby eagles at Decorah. Little white balls of fluff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this lovely spring post. I've been watching for the birds at my home and work, but have yet to see any spring babies. Maybe today will be the day!


Robin Larkspur said...

Arianna, it might still be a bit early for the actual babies; but I believe there may be eggs in nests. Definitely keep watching. (I am in central New York, might be different whereever you are.)

Anonymous said...

I guess it is to early for that over here yet. I don't think I've seen a single baby of any kind here yet :-)

Have a great day!

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, you put the biggest smile on my face ;o) Thank you ;o) I can't wait to see some babies around here ;o) We had so many last year!
Make sure you come by my blog, if you want to be in my giveaway ;o) I am linking it with Magaly's party ;o)

Ametrine Knowing-Willow said...

Oh sooo sweet! Oh yes, tis the season. Smiles & more smiles. Thank you Robin. What a lovely way to start my day! :-)

Jeanne said...

Spring is a beautiful time of renewal. And how fun to have Spring bird babies in your own backyard.