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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Version of "This Old House"

Seven years ago this month, my husband and I bought our first house. After years of living in Navy housing  or renting, we realized our dream of owning our own home. In 2008, we began a renovation of our house to create a home that we are really proud of. This house is a 4-level split ranch, with wood burning fireplace in the living room, a wood burning stove in the downstairs family room, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath upstairs, one bath downstairs, a covered porch off the back, plus a deck, and also a front porch. It is on a corner lot, so the front yard is rather big. We did a lot of painting and other renovations on the inside, and still have things to do in that area. We are really happy with the way the exterior looks, and hope you enjoy this little look back at our Home Improvement. Hard to believe it has been seven years!

Faded green siding...see where the icky brown shutters used to be: that's the original color of the siding

Bye bye ugly siding (well it was over 30 years old)

Two car garage: Now it is a garage door, and a mudroom entry

The "Chimney Garden" side of the house. We also had them install new & better insulation

Brand new windows

The back of the house, new sliding doors, too.

Here's a view of the new siding by the Chimney Garden

A view of the front, with the new dark gray shutters

Beautiful new cedar fencing (look how nice the veggie garden looks too)

Spring, 2012, still looking nice...see our Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees and the Japanese Weeping Cherry


Anonymous said...

Robin, I love posts like this one! It's almost like watching HGTV :)

You have done a beautiful job on your home. It looks so inviting, and so alive with nature! Thank you for sharing~~~

Big Hugs,

Tammy Dunn said...

Robin, your home looks wonderful. All your hard work is paying off.

Danni said...

Your home is so beautiful, great job with the renovations! That red is much, much better than that faded old green. :)

Sandy Sandy said...

I loved seeing the step by step transformation of your home, Robin. And I also admire the way you've integrated the landscaping on your property to make it your own natural oasis. Gorgeous time of year to get outside and enjoy the earth and the fruits of your labor!

c. Joy said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the tour. I love red houses. Your veggie garden looks great - that's from last year? maybe? I even love the fence (we need a new one). Great post.

Anonymous said...

A very nice change :-)
So how is Your dwarf Alberta doing, sprucing around much? :-) :-) :-)

I bought my first and only cottage twelve years ago now, never regretted it even for a second :-)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jan, it is like watching HGTV! Wow, what a transformation. Your gardens are amazing and I have a fence exactly like that. Doesn't the cedar smell awesome when it warms from the sun.

Jeanne said...

Your Home is beautiful! I really like the color of the new siding. And shutters! Your Home is enjoying all the attention! :0)

Aine said...

Wow - you've done a fantastic job. Growing up, I lived in a house like this. I still think it's a great design, roomy, nice flow.

And your garden!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it. Especially the way you set the pictures up and you get to see how much work was actually done. I definitely like the garden, I'm so jealous!

Magic Love Crow said...

Wow Robin! You and your hubby should be very proud! The house looks amazing!!!!! I love the outside color and your backyard, fantastic!!! Love everything ;o)

SharleneT said...

Everything looks gorgeous -- and, I love the garden area. I'm slowly trying to get the same job done and have started saving for new siding. I know it's down the road -- BUT, it's down the road. No getting away from it. You can be very proud of what you and hubby have done.