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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Book Recommendation

Even though the gardening year is winding down here in Central New York, I am already dreaming about next year's garden. My main focus for the gardening season 2011 is Magickal Herb Gardening. Since just about every plant, flower, shrub, tree, and other growing things are herbs, an enormous world is available to the Wiccan gardener.  Herbs can offer so much to your rituals and spell casting. I am very excited to get planning, and to this end, I am studying several books. Of course, Scott Cunningham is my most favorite Wiccan author, and any book of his is the obvious choice for any Wiccan subject. But I also trust the writings of Ellen Dugan. She is a Master Gardener, and has written several excellent books on magickal garden. I am focusing on her book, Garden Witch's Herbal published by Llewellyn Publications. She writes with humor, common sense, great Wiccan spiritually, and is so knowledgeable. I heartily recommend this book.
Lexie-Girl wants to know if there is Wiccan Dog Biscuit book

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