Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mighty Hunter

My first post. Should be a happy one. Today though was a trip to the vet to euthanize our dear cat-friend, MacKenzie. Stomach cancer, spreading to the lymph nodes, not eating or drinking for over a week. I will spare the details. MacKenzie was a Mighty Hunter, of mice, moths and other flying insects. Also of  The Invisible know, the Things that make a cat suddenly leap into the air, and dash madly about. He was a fluent talker, and an expert Trainer of Humans. He will love Summerland, finding his brother, Duncan, his cousin, Soleil and many other good friends. And lots of Things to chase. Love to MacKenzie.


Kim said...

You were right, this one did indeed touch me deeply as I, too, have had similar circumstances throughout these many years with all of the kitties we have had (and you can imagine that there were a few) ;)

I always say that we can welcome other cats into our hearts, but we can never replace the ones we have lost. As long as we live, we will never forget them and that is a good thing!



Magic Love Crow said...

I'm sending a hug and lots of love out to MacKenzie too ;o)