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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seeking Inspiration

A bit of a dreary day today. Not really cold, but cloudy, and the house is dark. It is tough to find inspiration to do anything creative on a day like this.  (sigh).

So take a look at some photos I just took, to shake me out of my doldrums. Recently I went to Feydragon (website on my sidebar) and besides delightful conversation with Mary there, I found these wonderful Yule cards. A pack of 8 cards, 2 designs each, with wonderful envelopes. From original paintings by Anne Stokes, these cards are perfect for my pagan friends.   Here is a link to the company that produced the cards, but I am sure you will be able to find these cards at a lot of retailers.

Snow Dragon and Yule Angel

Snowflake Fairy and Spirit of Yule

The envelopes, front and back

My favorite is the Spirit of Yule, the GreenMan himself.

I have also been shopping around for little jars to store my herbals in.....really trying to get myself organized. I found these little jars, some at Hobby Lobby
The squat little Ball jars, I found at my grocery store.

I am thinking of taking photos of my so-called Craft Corner....I have been (very slowly) de-cluttering and reorganizing, because I  really and truly want to get going on some craft projects I have in mind. Perhaps if I post the in-progress attempt, I will feel obligated and accountable to show results!!! That corner is the end zone for anything in the house we dont know what to do with!  So I shall use positive words and visualize a stunning and clearly designated area for creative endeavors. So mote it be!!!


D.Suplicki said...

I loe those cards and the wee jars as well! Once I'm in a home and not an apartment, I'm hoping to grow, dry and store my own herbs in pretty glass containers as well. :)

I would love to see photos of your creative space! Sending you some motivation to tidy up, as I often need extra nudges to do so myself. ;)

Anonymous said...

I do like The spirit of Yule! Di You know that we swedes call Christmas for Jul? Same word but different spelling :-)

Have a great day now!