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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!!

Hello People! I am back, and feeling terrific! Being waylaid by pneumonia is not the best way to spend your days. Especially during Thanksgiving. Bolstered by penicillin, and the TLC of my wonderful family, I am ready to face December!

Here's something terrific that happened just this past Saturday. I received an email from the dear lady over at OctoberFarm blog  that I had won her weekly giveaway!!! Now that was a real pick-me-up!!! Almost as good as penicillin!!! LOL!!! I can not wait for the postal delivery that brings me Joyce's basket of goodies. I will share pictures!

My husband and I have a couple of terrific kids. They prepared Thanksgiving dinner for us, cleaned up the place afterwards. And then over the weekend, went out to a Christmas Tree Farm and selected a beautiful tree and brought it home.

son nicarus getting on his game face

nicarus and almost-son-in-law working the saw
the team joined by best friend wrapping the tree
Unfortunately the photographer, daughter raethan, did not get a picture of herself in her terrific hat!

We will enjoy the old traditional pagan custom of setting up our tree (it is a fragrant balsam) and bringing in other greenery such as holly and a variety of evergreens to place around the house. It is a way of connecting with nature during the dark days of this month. Greenery of all kinds help refresh the households' energies as we prepare for the Celebration of Light that we will observe on Yule.

Wishing everyone a Terrific Tuesday.


Aine O'Brien said...

Glad you're feeling better!! We did the same thing last weekend. It was a wonderful experience for an Urban witch!

The Traveler said...

glad you're feeling better! It was sweet of them to get that ready for you :)

Sharon Lovejoy said...

So happy that you are back to your healthy self.

I love this time of year and the scent of the green trees, symbols of life to come.

All joys,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning her fantastic giveaway!

I´m glad You´re feeling better now, I got hit with stomach flu this night. But in between I´m feeling rather ok to be honest.

My cottage is so small that I have no place to put a christmas tree, so I think I´ll buy a small juniper to have on my table instead.

Have a great day and take care!

Lyn said...

So pleased you're on the mend :D