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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Special Request for Help

I would like to direct your attention to this blog:

This blog, Jesus and the Greenman, is written by Mary Hudson, the first pagan chaplain ever at Syracuse University.  Imagine that, a pagan chaplain! This is a tremendous step in the right direction for pagans everywhere!!! We are all very proud of  Mary and the awareness she is raising on behalf of all pagans...that pagans are not satanic worshipping, whacked out weirdos bent on destroying life as we know it! She exemplifies paganism...she is a mom, an entrepreneur, a grandmother, a woman with a great sense of humor, and filled with the passion and compassion that one can find in just about every pagan you might meet.

The request is this:  In March, 2011, an interfaith group from Syracuse University, is traveling to England. A planned stop is at Stonehenge, on Ostara, the vernal equinox. Four pagan students will be on this trip, and the plan is for them to celebrate the equinox at Stonehenge.  What a wonder!!! what a great event for those students. Can you imagine, as a pagan, to be able to be at Stonehenge, at that particular time. And that you are there on a University trip.  Mary Hudson has been asked to accompany the group, as chaperone.

In her blog, Mary asks for help for these students, in a financial way. It will cost $3800.00 for each student. These students are willing to do anything to earn the money, and I am sure they will be involved in countless hours of fundraising.  In the meantime though, they need a total of $2000.00 by November 12th 2010, as deposit, to secure the trip.  Please go to Mary Hudson's blog, URL right up there at the top of this post, and read more about the trip, and Syracuse University's involvement. Also there, is information about donations.  If you are so moved, are able, want to help, want to be part of this fantastic event for pagans, please donate. Just click on the URL at the top of this post, or on my sidebar of the blogs I follow. Thank you for your interest, and support.

Today is Election day...I voted, did you?


Sea Witch said...

Hello Robin: I voted and I left a small donation for the students. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment about bread. So true, it is the most basic of food and we in this country treat it as though it is of little value. Bread is sacred in many religions and should always be used to its fullest. You will enjoy reading the different Project Genesis offerings. Sea Witch

Sus said...

Thanks for the blog.... I have heard of this chaplain , as I am in NY but haven't ever seen her blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the repost. All the help that can be given is appreciated. That goes for passing along the request as well as monetary help. The students are excited, so am I, this will be an amazing trip.

Many blessings to you during this season.