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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good News!

There is very good news about the fundraising for the Syracuse University pagan students and their trip to Stonehenge for the Spring Equinox. They have met their goal of raising the funds required for the trip. Mary Hudson, the SU Pagan Chaplain has written a wonderful post called "When Magic Happens". You will find it very interesting reading. Just click here Congratulations and brightest blessings to everyone involved in this effort.

MidWinter To Do List:

Keep bird feeders filled.

Knock off ice from feeders, over sliding doors, front door, back door.

Keep wood-stove burning.

Spend ten minutes getting dressed to go outside.

Spend ten minutes getting undressed after coming back in.

Towel off the dogs after they have been rolling in the snow. (ten times a day).

Do not wear flannel pajamas to bed when there are flannel sheets on the bed. (You will not be able to move).

Pretend to be shocked when the weather forecasters get it wrong.

Be prepared when the weather forecasters do not predict the foot of snow that fell overnight.

Look for missing glove.

Spend hours looking at garden catalogs.

Get more hot cocoa mix.

Remember to enjoy winter.


Aine O'Brien said...

What an amazing story! It is true - we really get too attached to HOW magic manifests, only allow it to happen.

I love your to do list!!

Anonymous said...

Great that they can go on the trip!

I really like Your list :-) :-) I´ll do everything on it except for that last thing, I just can´t enjoy winter :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

strell4 said...

Robin, loved the flannel pajamas and flannel sheet on your list, can relate to that, no movement. The remaining items were great too, so true. Eliminate ice removal from our list, done yesterday....scarey experience.