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Friday, February 11, 2011

Prisms and Inspiration

Looking for inspiration today. Actually all week. Inspiration for writing, crafting, cooking, even cleaning. Right now, out my window, the sun is shining spectacularly. Blinding, even. Because we do have an awful lot of snow, snowbanks, snowdrifts, snowcovered trees, houses, cars. But the sun is shining. On my window sill are three clear glass cubes. One tall, two small. Embedded inside these cubes are laser-etched objects. A hummingbird, a lighthouse and a sailboat. As the sun comes streaming in, passing through these cubes, rainbow prisms form on the floor. The sun's rays gradually move these colorful prisms up along the wall and across the ceiling. An old-fashioned sun dial, sort of, tracking time passing by the progress of the prism.

I love the prisms...not just because they are cheerful and colorful, and made by the sun through glass. They are like tiny works of art, painted by the sun. Perfect representation of light and color. I love them because I am immediately inspired to smile, and pause and think about their beauty. Inspired to want to make something beautiful either through writing, or crafting. These prisms are only visible once in a while, in winter, when the sun is bright. The sun is not bright often. So when I get a sudden glimpse of these pretty little things, I have to stop and watch them.

It is good to stop and watch something a little out of the ordinary routine. Maybe to be inspired to do something a little out of the ordinary. A small thing really, watching the prisms play in my kitchen.

Inspiration comes in unexpected ways. See what you can find for inspiration today.


Aine O'Brien said...

Oh it sure does come in unexpected ways! I love the prisms! It's a challenge sometimes to find inspiration when living in a place with so little nature, but it can be done - just have to pay attention!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I love those tiny enormous things that keep us going?