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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Wiccan Ways-- The God and the Goddess

I live Wicca every moment of every day.  It is not necessary to set aside a particular day of the week to offer worship or reverence for my religious beliefs. I live my beliefs constantly. The simple fact of being Wiccan is that the God and Goddess are with me all the time. They are everywhere, all the time. You can see them in the sunrise, hear them in birdsong, sense them in quiet moments. But they are also with me in heavy traffic, grocery shopping, cleaning house, during times of upheaval, events great and small.

To quote Scott Cunningham from his book Living Wicca A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner (Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota, copyright 1993 by Scott Cunningham):  The omnipresence of our deities isn't some exalted spiritual sentiment; it's true. The Earth isn't represented by the Goddess; it is a part of Her. She is everywhere. Similarily, She is also within us, as is the God. Remembering this fact may, once again, reveal the inherent spirituality in many situations. (page 48).

When I read that passage I am enthralled by this truth. In the most simple moments of my day, to complications or aggravations, laughter and sadness, and everything in between, the God and Goddess are there. This knowledge is comforting, supportive, encouraging and aids in accountability. What do I mean by accountability? Knowing that my Deities are always with me, I must, as the Wiccan way claims, accept responsibility for my actions. The God and Goddess will hold me accountable...the Universe is always ready to return to you what you send out.

It was not easy when I first took the Wiccan path to find the God and Goddess. I felt a little awkward actually. New to the Dual Deity aspect of my religion, one has to find their own way to connect to Deity. Sometimes through trial and error, sometimes through simple routines.  Meditation was my first way to connect with the God and Goddess. But I also like other ways, from a simple stop at my household altar for a few minutes. Handling my altar tools and other symbols and pondering being Wiccan, and sending thoughts to my Deity.

There are mundane ways to connect with the God and Goddess. Indoor and outdoor gardening..what better way than with living plants. Recycling and other ways of aiding Earth, such as picking up litter when you see it. Being outside, whether it be in your own backyard or neighborhood, or in a park. Adopting animals and supporting animal shelters, finding ways to serve the God and Goddess, in the community, sunrise and sunset rituals. Rituals in this case do not have to be elaborate or structured. Simply watching the sun rise and set is enough, as long as you are in that moment with the God and Goddess. The moon's phases are another time of ritual and connection. The moon rises and travels across the night sky. It can be a barely-seen crescent or full blown wondrous beauty. The Goddess is there for us to see and commune with.

Blogging is my newest way of staying connected with Deity. By writing about my path and the things that are special and important to me as a Wiccan, I am strengthening my bond with the God and Goddess. I have met many like-minded individuals on-line through my blog, and this has helped me to enhance my ways, or in some cases, reinforce my own beliefs.  The more I learn, the more I am fully aware of how Deity affects my daily life. And learning never stops.

Wicca is not just a religion for one day of the week. It is an "every day, in every way" lifestyle. The God and the Goddess embrace me, and I embrace them. It is a continuing relationship that never fails me, and only grows stronger every day.


mxtodis123 said...

I think my last post was lost so forgive me if it comes through a second time. I just wanted to say I enjoyed this post and agree with everything that you have said. Blogging has truly enhanced my beliefs and brought many wonderful people into my life.

Cellar Door said...

"I live Wicca every moment of the day...I live my beliefs constantly."

That same bell rings for me. It is like breathing! It is so pure and right, that it shouldn't even require a label. Wicca is being!

What a wonderful read this has been!

Cellar Door

Anonymous said...

Elequently put, my sister! The idea of a Goddess and God have always made sense to me. We, as Wiccans, know that we can not have one without the other in our daily lives. It is truly beautiful!

I can't describe how wonderful a feeling I get from connecting with the God & Goddess in the simplest of ways - from breathing in their essence to a solitary sabbat or esbat ritual. It is just so awesome! What a lovely post!!

Blessings to you,

Lady Caer Morganna

Kallan said...

What a beautiful expression of belief!

Aine said...

Wonderful post! I agree with you completely. At first Wicca seems so formal - and in the learning process we are so focused on doing everything right, using the right tool, etc., we often don't feel the sacred. Over time we relax and adjust our practices until we begin to feel the power of the universe in our life, and see the results. I live my path now as well - every minute. And I trust the god and goddess with the path of my life and in doing so the energy flows freely!

Tereza said...

Robin, your words are so eloquent! I really enjoyed this post.

I agree with you . . . the God and Goddess are in everything, everyday. In those quiet moments when I'm alone and sometimes feeling lonely, I realize that they are there with me and I feel comforted, supported and loved.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Blessed Be,