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Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Wiccan Ways-- Natural Magick

Preface: Pagan paths are many and varied. My intention in this blog is to write about my personal Wiccan path. I have made decisions and choices concerning my path through study, practice, meditation. Differences are bound to occur because there is no one "correct" way. The hope here is that pagans exemplify the true meaning of religious tolerance through mutual respect and common courtesy.

Natural magick is a beautiful phrase to me. It is not about fancy tools and spectacular sorcery. Connecting with natural energies and directing those energies to cause a needed change is the definition in a nutshell. Natural energies include one's own personal power accessed through intent, concentration, visualization and action. It takes practice and fortitude. Adding energy from natural elements such as stones, herbs, incense and water as you work your magickal spell increases the flow of this energy. Communicating with Deity is a powerful addition to the working.

How does this work?  I have a need, something important to me. My intent is to create a positive change that will satisfy this need. I visualize this need being met, that it will come to fruition. This is important, to see the positive result already taking place. Anything I add to this spell now increases the energy that will flow to bring about this change. I will look at the phase of it waxing or waning? To bring something to me, I will work during the waxing moon....the power of the growing moon is present.  To rid myself of something, I will work during the waning moon.

There are many sources of natural energy all around us. It is up to me to decide what I will do to make the best use of this energy. Working with the elements of earth, air, fire and water, either one of these elements, or a combination is very effective. Knowledge of the correspondences that represent these elements is necessary. I am not a walking encyclopedia, so I have many books I refer to for this information.

My personal connection with Deity, the God and the Goddess, is critical to me for success with my natural magickal workings.  I ask for guidance and support. I ask for their power, their energies, to assist in the spell. It is a powerful experience. Throughout all of this is the belief that the natural energies I access will bring me the result I need.

Natural magick can be as simple or as complex as you desire. You can work with a minimal amount of tools and accessories, or you can choose to make your spell elaborate. It is up to the practitioner to make these choices. What a beautiful way to live.  Nature surrounds us. Natural energies are ever-present. Just close your eyes and feel the power.

Bright Blessings!


Anonymous said...

You are quite right, Robin. Many of us use the fancy little "extras" to also create an atmostphere in order to help aid in "state of mind" during our workings.

To me, natural magick is always the best way to go.

Blessings always,


Jeanne said...

Great post!! :0)

Robin Larkspur said...

Kim, absolutely, the fancy little "extras" do indeed help, putting one into the magickal mind and assists in establishing the mood! Robin.

SilverFox said...

Beautiful post

Anonymous said...

Even though I don´t practice magic I still totally understand what You mean.

I get all that energy when walking in the forest, by the fields or the bog and I always communicate best with my God out there :-)

Have a great day!