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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Silvered Wings

In case you did not get over to Danni's   for her February Fairies observance, I wanted to post the poem here that I contributed.  Something sunny for a rainy, wintry day.

Silvered Wings
by Robin Larkspur 

As I sat on arbored swing
I thought I saw a silvered wing.

Not the wing of bug or bird
More gossamer, much more absurd.

My unbelieving eye did blink
just barely once, or so I think.

Quickly sped this tiny being;
Am I seeing what I'm seeing?

There's no such thing, it's just plain rot
I''m sane and grown-up, am I not?

But speeding past my very nose
It stopped and stared and struck a pose.

Its tiny hand reach out towards me
While it hovered like a bumble bee.

A little smile, then tinkling laughter
Made me wonder what it's after.

As I stood and watched, quite leery
It snapped its fingers, my eyes went bleery.

A glittering sprinkling, like shiny dust
It must be dangerous, I know it must.

Frightened now I stepped back quickly
The deadly glitter came round me thickly.

Settling on my face and hair
this dusty sparkle from who knows where.

A scent so sweet, so light, quite fleeting
set my mind to rest, slowed my heart's fast beating.

And suddenly I laughed and shouted
Of course you're real, how could I have doubted.

Memories quickly filled my mind
of childhood spent with fairy-kind.

Playing games in the garden during daylight;
Dancing and singing with them in moonlight.

Tears filled my eyes, I felt quite rotten.
I'd always known, I'd just forgotten.

It's alright, my little dear,
She said quite softly in my ear.

For fairies lost and fairies found
We wait and watch, we're always 'round.

You will see us, we know not when
In fairies you'll believe again.

And saying that, she waved farewell
with silvered wing, more glitter fell.

This time I caught the fairy prize;
and tears of joy filled up my eyes.

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Aine said...


SilverFox said...

So beautiful. I missed her February Faeries but went through one night and read all of the posts. :D

mxtodis123 said...

Thanks for the beautiful poem. Such a dreary, rainy day here. Needed something to brighten my spirits.

Jessie said...

Clever words Robin! They transport me back to my childhood when I used to love the fairy stories!xx

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Absolutely enchanting!!! That's so beautiful -Thanks so much for sharing this with us!!!!