Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A-thrifting I did go

I've been tumbling about blogger this morning, getting caught up in long pauses, swirling and swirling "loading" signs, and generally not having fun. Trying to post a comment, having it not post, re-posting, then both posts showing up. What to do except take a long break and try again. And it seems the bloggity bogey has settled down.

On a whim, yesterday, I stopped by the thrift store. Now why would I do this when I have been decluttering and reorganizing these last few weeks?! The issue at hand is that I love the hunt and the thrill of finding something unique, interesting, collectible, nostalgic, oh and cheap budget-worthy. So I thought I would post some photos of a few of things I found.

Wooden display "ladder" (I have two others like these that I have found over the years)

Wooden pineapple guest room has a pineapple theme

Tray with cardinals, for carrying snacks to the family room

Three small canisters for herbs, and Green stuff for St. Patrick's Day

wood curtain rod rings, for a craft project

A box for holding what?

Two brand new decks of cards, unused score pad and two pencils

The girls want to know what I got for them
 (Don't be fooled by the sad faces; the girls always get biscuits and other doggie treats daily and a new toy now and then)

All my purchases came to less than 20 bucks.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


A Broom And The Moon said...

Looks like you found some great things! And for under $20! That is awseome! Hope your having a great week! Sending you love and light! Bright Blessings! -Jenn

~*Gypsy*~ said...

awesome! I wish our local thrift stores had such neat finds.

Anonymous said...

Great finds and such cute doggies. Especially the front doggie looks super sad. That must have cost some training ; )
Have a magical day.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are ADORABLE! Hugs to the four paws!

As for the box...remember the old Saturday Night Live skit...."you put your weed in there" tee hee hee

Ponderosa Pagan said...

you are an inspiration! I hope that one day I will be a talented thrifter. I think it is a great skill to have.
I know the trick the girls are pulling. Rafiki does it to me all the time!
Brightest blessings to you!

SilverFox said...

Lovely finds!!! I need to check out the thrift shops here...The couple I've looked at are way over priced and rude...Hopefully I can make a few stops this Summer at the MASSIVE flea market they hold in the next town over :D I love flea markets!

Lady Caer Morganna said...

Ah yes! I also love to bargin hunt. It seems as though as soon as I get rid of a few things, it doesn't take me long to replace them with something else I don't really need, but want!!! I can't help myself, it's in my DNA!!!

Cool stuff!!!



strell4 said...

After a great dinner and dogified to the max, I came home only to see you had been "thrifting".
I would have loved to have seen the finds. They look great.
I have a great use for some of em. ;)

The Traveler said...

Nice finds! I need to get out to the thrift stores this weekend, I need a project to keep me sane, lol.