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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reading, Rocks and a Wedding Update

Ugh, we received more snow yesterday, about 4 inches. And I have crocuses coming up, and the first of the daffodils. So back to square one as far as the greening of the earth around here.

Crocus before yesterday's snow

Daffodils before the snow

The last few days have been spent with my nose in several books, reading, reading. Taking in a lot of new ideas and information. A great task for Spring as this is the season of re-birth and re-newal!  My brain is brimming with all kinds of inspiration for spring and summer.

I have also been organizing my Witchy Herb Cupboard...labeling jars of newly-acquired herbs. Trying to also identify some stones I purchased last autumn...they are in little bags from the magick shop, without labels. Son nicarus has given me two great books on stones, gems, and crystals. There are a LOT of look alike stones, so this has been a process, believe me!

by Judy Hall

On the Wedding Front: daughter raethan's wedding dress is ready to be picked up. We bought just  three weeks ago. Having been told it would take up to 15 weeks to get it, as they were making it without a train, we expected it to be May before it was ready. raethan telephoned this morning, with such an excited, breathless voice to tell me it was ready. So I am running down to get it and will take it to her this weekend. We are meeting at Beardslee Castle Saturday to choose the wedding cake, and go over some other details with the staff. Excitement abounds.  Here's the website for Beardslee, if you would like to see where the wedding is taking place:

All for today, have a super Thursday, stay safe, be happy.    Robin.


Linda in New Mexico said...

I love the crystal bible. Don't know what I'd do without it. Remeber we are the trip rock folks.....and I have rocks and stones and crystals from when I was a kid. Must be a DNA craziness.
Wow, the castle is amazing. I bet the dress was a huge weight off your shoulders....early???? fantastic.
The Olde Bagg, Linda

Kallan said...

omgs, Robin.. I want to LIVE there!! That wedding is going to be GORGEOUS!!

Jeanne said...

Spring is announcing herself with a flurry of activity at your house. :0) But it does help to chase away the remnants of winter (despite the current snow...)

Anonymous said...

I do like the different crystals one can buy! I´m hoping to find a shop that sells some next time I´m in Gothenburg. I may not believe that they have any special powers though.

Have a great day now!

Lilac SilverFox said...

We got dumped on too, so saddening. It seems it's sunny and warming a tiny bit though today so hopefully it was Winter's last shout out before saying goodbye for the year. I hope so anyway.

I use Cunningham's book on crystals, though it's been a while since I've looked at it. My 'Spring' goal for myself was to read (re-read most, though some new) all of my Witchy books cover to cover and one at a time, after another. I'm in the midst, and close to the end, of my second book from my collection and am excited to continue. Lots of information and inspiration floating around here too :D
Sounds so exciting, hope everything goes smoothly for wedding planning :D

Lady Caer Morganna said...

"The Crystal Bible" is an excellent book. It was actually given to me as a gift from a good friend and I refer to it often.

Best wishes for the wedding!! It is such a special day to remember!!



mxtodis123 said...

We had some rather strange weather...thunder with hail. There is a wee bit of snow on the ground, but not much. I love that book. Judy Hall also a couple of great books on Karmic Astrology and The Hades Moon.

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin, congrats to your daughter! How exciting! And, the castle looks amazing! Have fun identifying your stones ;o) Have a great day!

Mina said...

What an enchanting wedding that will be!