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Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Medley--Blue Skies

When the sky has been cloudy for days, the sight on a Monday morning of a spectacular blue sky is quite inspiring and wondrous. Oh, Goddess what a beautiful gift of a day!!

Blue Sky

Lexie enjoying morning sun...Gwennie wants to join in
What does one do with a day like this? Well, I will tell you!! Early morning container gardening...marigolds, zinnias, nasturtiums. In a bit, bacopa, impatiens, dusty miller, lobelia, asparagus fern, ageratum (shhhh......that's wedding garden stuff; more on that in a day or two!) Hoping it's not too late to plant morning glory, cardinal vine, sweet peas. I also have some onion and garlic sets which need planting. The thing about living in this part of New York state is that one day it's too soon to plant....and then, yikes, is it too late? Short growing season, long winter.

geranium on the front porch
Some of these things I'm planting are by seed, and some are bedding plants. The seeds, I will keep my fingers crossed.

corner of the backyard (click for a closer look)
Okay, so here is a mess in the backyard! Those siberian irises on the right were here when we moved in six years ago, and have never bloomed. Suddenly, this year they are blooming. I think now they need separating. The bird bath is popular and right now it is surrounded by two kinds of blooming weeds. Actually, I think they are kinda pretty, and have a wild, natural look. For the time being I am leaving them there.

I am grateful to have this yard and garden. Planning, planting, tending is rewarding, not only for the satisfaction of growing plants and receiving pleasure for the blooms. If I may wax philosophically, it is a metaphor of my Wiccan life. Planning how the day will go, how rituals will work, spellworking, meditating. Planting the seeds of ideas, of worship, of Wiccan mysteries and practices. Tending to the spiritual ways, the Old Ways and to Nature's Way. My hope is that every day  is a "blue sky" day, filled with wonder, hope, joy, friendship, nature, family, God and Goddess and Magick!

Hydrangeas in bud
May your summer bloom as beautifully as these hydrangeas!  Hugs and blessings from Robin.


Raethan said...

Beautiful post, thank you! I miss the backyard, can't wait to see it next weekend!

Also, is that ageratum... on your bottom?!

Robin Larkspur said...

LOL! Raethan, yep, that's why I gottem!!

mxtodis123 said...

Ah yes, you do have a shorter summer in your part of New York than we do here in the city. Here I know we've a few months to go so even though I haven't planted yet, I still have time.

Anonymous said...

We reached 90F here today and the wind is still strong. Everything dries out now so I have had to water the flower beds now. I don´t think I´ve ever have done that this early in the year before.

I do like that yellow siberian iris! I´m hoping that at least one of my sown ones will get a yellow color.

Have a great day now!

Aine said...

beautiful ! I can only hope my garden looks as pretty in a few years. I too planted seeds and I'm hoping for the best. I did plant herb plants though so it the garden has a bit of green. There are things here left over from the last owners, thankfully. So much to do, so little time and $$ right now, so patience apparently is the lesson I'm learning right now!

The Traveler said...

Really nice garden. you definitely have a green thumb. I wish mine wasn't so black, lol.

SharleneT said...

That was what my day was on Saturday -- a gorgeous blue sky after so many weeks of clouds and horrible storms. I do my gardening in the early mornings, now, because it just gets too hot. Don't know if it's my old age, or what, but really can't stand the heat, anymore.

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post Robin! You truly love gardening! I do to. I'm in another place when I'm outside! I had a handful of baby rose of sharons coming up in the wrong place. So I dug them all up and put them under a large evergreen tree and now they are all coming up! I am so excited! Blessing my friend ;o)
Oh, I love the blooming weeds! I love what we call weeds! LOL!

Mina said...

Playing in the dirt is so spiritually fulfilling and tending our treasures brings joy beyond words. Your love of gardening shines forth!