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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wedding Garden--Update

The bride has chosen three beautiful colors for her wedding: sage green, dark lilac and silver. The ceremony will take place under tall trees in front of a 150 year old Irish castle in the Mohawk Valley countryside. The first phase of the wedding garden is complete. Flower seeds of larkspur, bachelor buttons and zinnias were planted over three weeks ago, and are growing well, despite weather "oddments".....extreme heat, turning to cool, rainy days.

(please ignore weeds!)
For the ceremony, two large planters have been planted with angelonia, dusty miller, lobelia, ageratum and petunias. The planters are sage green resin that convey the feeling of stone. To make these planters easier to transport to the wedding, I filled about two-thirds of the planters with styrofoam, then covered that with landscape fabric. The potting soil placed on top of that.

These plantings should fill in very nicely. I love how the dusty miller's silvery foliage looks with the greens and purples of the flowers.

Also, I have planted up two silver tubs to use as "aisle markers". I will talk with Raethan about adding something to them for height.

 These very nice conical wrought-iron hanging planters will be hung from shepherd hooks around the area where the ceremony will take place. Not the greatest photo here, but I will post better photos when I get them completed and on their shepherd hooks in the backyard. There are four of these planters.

 Another wrought-iron planter, this basket was a gift from my brother a couple of years ago, and really fits the wedding theme. We will find a nice spot for it at the wedding. Behind the basket planter are three pots of asparagus sperenghi (spelling?), an airy, frothy plant that will be tucked in here and there.

Farmer Bunny MacGregor oversees the plantings

When I am planting, I am saying little spells to bless the growing, and for the wedding and bride and groom. Actually, I tend to hum and sing these spells, which make for a pleasant Working.

Soon, I will be posting the centerpieces I am making for the reception. Two words: Silk Hydrangeas.
The clock is ticking, two months from today!!!


Raethan said...

LOOOOOOVE!!! The planters are looking absolutely amazing, just perfect <3 And it was clever to fill the pots to make them lighter beforehand, definitely not foresight I would have had >_< This made my morning :)

2 MONTHS?!!!

mxtodis123 said...

They really are lovely colors for a wedding. Bet you are really getting excited.

The Traveler said...

Oh how absolutely sweet! Everything is looking beautiful and make sure to add some well wishes from the rest of us to the spells you're weaving into those gorgeous planters =).

Maggie said...

Those really are wonderful colors and the planters are looking great! I have that same conical hanger! It's so much fun to work with.
Keep the pictures coming!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Robin everything is looking amazing! I love the colors! I am so excited for you!! You must be so excited!!! Can't wait to see more pictures ;o) Have a wonderful day!

Ponderosa Pagan said...

how exciting!!!! Sounds like a lovely engagement will be coming and with flowers like that who wouldnt have a beautiful day. I also garden constantly and when I am gardening I am saying my spells or singing them as well! I find it makes work go by easier and helps me to connect with what I am doing and cllecting the plants for!
Blessings on this wedding!

Julie said...

Ooh, I just love that purple and gray combination. I am going to copy it, if you don't mind.

Regarding your comment on my blog: I used to have tons and tons of perennials but most have died out. Next year I plan to re-do my back yard (grass and all) and then I will be putting in a perennial bed.

Mina said...

Oh Robin, I love the planters. You have done such a wonderful job in choosing these flowers. The colors the bride has chosen are just gorgeous. How sweet that you sing spells of love while you tend these treasures. I cannot wait to see your center pieces.