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Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Medley--Comments Update and a Secret

Thanks to all for comments and emails regarding the Blogger Commenting issue. I believe the problem some were having with my blog comment form is resolved, thanks to Jessie. She sent me an email with a suggestion that I change the settings in the "comment" section, by allowing users to select from a drop-down choice.  Anyhow, there are now at least 4 people who are able to comment now; one follower is still having a problem. If you have tried to leave comments on my blog and are unable to, I am not sure there is anything else I am able to do. This is a Blogger problem, and their "Help" support is not very helpful.

I must sing praises for the absolutely stupendous weather we had over the weekend. Low humidity, blue skies, gentle breezes, warm....just beautiful. Almost makes you want to cry!!! Loved it.

Looking forward to a great week, Litha tomorrow, husband returning from a too-long business trip, garden tending, birdwatching, wedding tasks, new books to read. Oh. Reminds me. Whispers of  a giveaway here at Wiccan Writes. Shhhhhh. It's still a secret.

Gwennie says hi from the porch


Jessie said...

Hi Gwennie from the porch! Your porch looks lovely by the way, I wouldn't mind sitting there on a day like today. It's great to be able to comment here again Robin, thanks for the mention. :)xx

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Gwennie ;o) What a fun picture! The weather has been very beautiful here too ;o) Giveaway??? ;o))) Yeh!! Sorry for yelling! LOL! I will be posting something on my blog, hopefully later on today, that I know you will enjoy ;o) Hint, baby robin ;o) Have a wonderful day!

mxtodis123 said...

I have never had a problem commenting here, but on some other blogs I have. I've not been out since early this morning, so I am not sure about the weather here in the city, but it sure looks cloudy. Hoping you and yours have a wonderful solstice.

Linda in New Mexico said...

I think blogger is really a bad little boy with a bad attitude. I'm just saying.
Hi Gwennie, give your Momma a slurpy kiss for me and tell her all is well.
The Olde Bagg

Kim said...

Gwennie sure is a cutie ~ so pretty!!!

I figured out that if I can't comment using my own address, I can still use the account that I set up for my mom temporarily anyway.

Have a terrific Litha-Summer Solstice!!!



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Gwennie looks so content on her rug!

Jeanne said...

A lovely photo! The porch looks ever so inviting - and Gwennie is proof that the porch is comfy! :0)
Thank you for the lovely comment you left. ♥

Julie said...

If people signing in via their Google account are having problems commenting, all they have to do is UNCHECK the "Keep me signed in" box and they will have no more problems.

Mina said...

I love that "error" button! That is too funny.

Please give sweet Gwennie a huge hug and hello from me as well.

I cannot wait to see your giveaway but you can trust me...I will not let your secret out. ;-)