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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Be Thoughtless

Yikes, what are you saying, Robin Larkspur!?! Be thoughtless! How callous and rude. How very un-Wiccan! Hold, no. I am not talking about being a thoughtless, callous and rude person. Pu-leeeze, you know me better than that!!

This is what I speak of:  Being thoughtless means to take some time, a few minutes perhaps, longer if possible, and just Be. You know, just be still and quiet, alone, with no thoughts. Specifically, I am describing a time to be with the God and Goddess. Here is one example of how I do it.

I take a chair and place it on the deck outside, facing the morning sun. This is the time of being with the God for me. If it is early enough, with the sun just rising near the treetops, it won't be too hot in the backyard. I take a moment to quiet myself, get comfortable, close my eyes, and turn my face up towards the sun. Feel the warmth of the sun...the light graces my whole Self. Breathe it in, enjoy the sensations of sunshine.

Now, stop thinking. This is the part that can be a little difficult, but if you persist you can do it. The reason for this time is simply to be with the God. It is not a time for requests, complaints, questions, decision-making. It is a silent time to feel the God's presence, to let him enter your mind and spirit. To feel the love, the strength, the energy that is of the God embrace and surround you. Do not think. Just be. Still. Quiet. Thoughtless.

Afterwards, there is a peacefulness, a renewal, a Divine strength. It is beautiful and enchanting. This feeling stays with me all day and I feel wiser and happier. Truth be told, there are times this is easier said than done. A human tendency to allow problems or grief overwhelm the stillness inside. That does not mean you fail and can never try again. Never give up connecting with Divinity.

It is fantastic to be thoughtless.

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Tamara said...

This is so hard to do!! I've tried it so many times over the be thoughtless. I can make it about 2 seconds and in pops a thought in my head. I've heard the monks train themselves and can go up to 10 seconds without a thought. I'm still going to keep trying tho because its a wonderful excercise. :)

Linda in New Mexico said...

What you just wrote about hit me like a ton of bricks. Before the grands moved in, I always made time to be "thoughtless". For two years now, the busy is what I awake to and let eat me up all day long. Then I try to center myself......can we all say backwards. Thanks Robin. I believe it is called attitude adjustment and I owe you for cracking my noggin with truth. Linda

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sage advice. Monkey Mind, begone!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Robin, so much for this posting. I can't tell you how much it has touched my soul~~~

Anonymous said...

I doubt You got my comment since an error message showed, but if just delete this one.

I do much the same here. Especially in spring i love to sit by the big stone at Stone circle hill and in autumn out by the bog. In summer I sit anywhere there are no flies :-) :-)

This is very important for me because I need that strength it gives to coop with the working life at a factory.

Have a great day!

Jeanne said...

Great post and something we all need to try and do every day! And I really needed this reminder about now!

Magic Love Crow said...

Good advice Robin ;o) I try to do this and I will keep trying. Maybe a few seconds I last, but then something pops into my head. I have to admit, for the few seconds I am able to do it, there is a peace that comes over me. Hard to explain. Have a wonderful day ;o)

SharleneT said...

My favorite way to do this is to lean against an old tree. It's like pulling earth's energy and renewing my inner strength. A great alternate way of 'smelling the flowers.'

Gail said...

I do that on my walks, no worries, no what ifs, just listen to nature and not let the human world invade my mind. That is why I feel so renewed after a nice, relaxing walk around the farm.

Kallan said...

Great post, Robin! When I studied Kenpo, we had a saying "Thought-No Thought".. it's very difficult to explain, but I think you just did a great job of it here! Hugs and blessings for a fabulous week!

Mina said...

Wonderful post, Robin. I love your morning ritual so much I believe I am going to take it on myself. I can think of no better way to begin each day. Blessings, my friend.