Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello Everybody!

Welcome Back! Where have you all been?  Oh, wait, I'm the one who's been gone! Even though I am still a bit blurry, I have to post today, I can't stand being away another minute. To say I have missed you all is quite an understatement. Thank you for being so supportive and for leaving such comforting and loving messages. I would also like to thank my son Nicarus for stepping in for me. He is a delight, isn't he? And you all welcomed him with such enthusiasm.

What a strange time I have had. Living in darkness is disorienting and scary. Fortunately this was temporary and my opthamologist says the eye is healing very well. The worst was not being able to read. Having to keep the good eye as still as possible so the injured eye wouldn't move (whilst being bandaged so tightly). Freaky accident that it was, I hope to never experience this again. My family deserves medals and kudos for all their help. It can't have been easy for them either.

Yikes! The wedding is just two weeks away. The wedding garden is thriving, so many beautiful colors of bachelor buttons and zinnias. We will pick them on the morning of the wedding, and bundle them into little bouquets to be placed around the reception hall. The two big planters and the two smaller planters are lush with color as well. The dusty miller is growing quite tall. I had already trimmed back the petunias a bit, before my eye accident. I think I had better do a little trim of the dusty miller, too. The four hanging cones have had a rough time in the heat we have had. Drying out much faster than the other containers. I will need to address that issue by replacing some plants. More on that later.

The sweet bride sitting in the wedding garden

My two beautiful kids, raethan and nicarus
The camera is suffering from some kind of "Gray Line Disease". Have to address that before the wedding!!

Take care everyone, and brightest blessings!!


Kallan said...

WELCOME HOME, ROBIN!! I have missed you so much! Thanks to Nicarus for keeping us up to date. The kids are gorgeous! Be well and completely healed soon, darlin!! HUGS!!

Danni said...

Hooray! I know the frustrations of eye trouble all too well and I'm so happy you're healing up quick as can be. And in time for the wedding too!

The grey line disease would be kind of neat if it were a little more subtle, the photos would look old timey. Not really what you want for the wedding though... ;)

Aine said...

Whoo Hoo! Welcome back! So glad the eye is healing nicely! Can't wait to see the wedding pics! Gray line? My camera has a "black hole sun" which doesn't come out in the pics but I see it when I look through the view finder. It's annoying but I put up with it. Story of my life! :)

mxtodis123 said...

Welcome back. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. Your children are beautiful. Thanks for sharing that picture with us.

Spiritartartist said...

Thanks for the update Robin. Glad the eye's getting better. Hang in there! Can hardly wait to see the flowers at the wedding!

Jeanne said...

What lovely children you have! So glad to hear you are improving. I know you must be excited about the upcoming wedding.

Kim said...

It's GREAT to have you back finally! We have missed you. too!!

So glad to hear your are healing up nicely. (maybe my sending you a little reiki healing perhpas helped you afterall ~ LOL) ;)

Hugs, Kim

Linda in New Mexico said...

You have beautiful children. Fantastic that your family all came together and have made your recovery easier and marvelous that you are doing better. Scary not being in control of what we do. Very humbling. So glad you are getting better. Have missed you. Linda

Magic Love Crow said...

Yeh, I missed you my friend ;o) So glad you are doing better everyday! Your kids are beautiful in ever way! And, your son is so precious to help out on your blog! Big Hugs Robin ;o)

Mina said...

Oh Robin, I am so glad you are back and healing with such vigor! We have missed you.

Your kids are very beautiful inside and out. I did so enjoy your son's writing. What a gift he has!